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April 10 2015

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more language exchange sessions with Tina. we covered topics regarding bats, necklaces, teacups & socks

here’s a screenshot earlier of Tina trying google translate, translating a Malay song title into English

February 18 2015

November 08 2014

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thinking up theories how "inda payah" translates to "nggak usah" when "susah" means "payah"

the former pair of words means "don't bother" and the latter means "difficult/hard" btw

October 14 2014

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Anaconda: Now in Indonesian and Malay (not sure if it's Sabahan or Bruneian Malay tho)
And the perfect target for this was Kamila & Tina

September 27 2014

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Bilinguality. Making us more religious in one language & more vulgar in another.

and then Tina started insulting in Sabahan Malay

September 22 2014

Apasih yg ngebedain bahasa inggris sm indonesia?


English: “Would you care to validate your previous statement?”
In Indonesian: “SUMPE LO?!

In English: “Sorry, I think you miscalculated your own capabilities to handle the task at hand.”

In Indonesian: “Nenek lu kiper!

In English: “Would you care to elaborate on that statement?”

In Indonesian: “MAKSUD LOH?!”

In English: “There’s a 75% chance I won’t make it, I’m far too busy for ur stupid event.”

In Indonesian: “InSyaAllah gw dateng!”

In English : “The meeting will start at 9:15 AM. Please be there 15 minutes beforehand.”

In Indonesian: “Rapatnya jam 8!”

In English :"Let’s try this new scam and see if those carbo-ladden brains buy it"

In Indonesian : “Mama minta pulsa”

In English : “Please stop by our outlet. There might be stuff you’ll find interesting.”

In Indonesian : “Giordanonya, Kakaaak!”

In English : “I’ve stumbled upon something that might be of interest to you. You might find it useful.”

In Indonesian : “CEKIDOT GAN!”

In English : “I’m so overwhelmed by this turn of event that I’m speechless and in awe.”

In Indonesian : “ANJROT!”

In English : “This is a very interesting topic that everybody should stay updated about this.”

In Indonesian : “Sundul, Gan!”

In English : “I definitely won’t make it. You guys go and have fun without me.”

In Indonesian : “Ntar gue nyusul.”

In English : “You’re absolutely, positively 100% correct. But I knew that already.”

In Indonesian : “EMBEER!”

This will never not be hilarious

September 12 2014

Sing : Nyanyi
Singing : Bernyanyi
Song : Lagu
Songong : Belagu
fazriahafriani (via Path)

June 21 2014

Calling Indonesians “Indons” is like calling Americans “Yanks”(Yankees) & Japanese “Japs”. Seemingly a simple abbreviation, yet offensive.


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May 16 2014

HOW ARE YOU in Indonesian by lovianyloviany

THIS IS PRETTY USEFUL. In occasions, we gotta know our own native dialects though... and some others too.
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November 11 2013

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actually gemes doesn't have to just be about anger, it can also be talking about other indescribable feelings too, basically like anxiety.
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January 26 2013

Gampang banget mendeteksi orang Melayu dari luar Indonesia yg sok-sok ngomong bahasa Indonesia. Saya suka sebel kalo ketemu yang kayak gitu.

1. Sok-sok pake logat Indonesia. Kalo belajarnya cuman dari sinetron/filem, belum cukup cuy. Dasar wannabe!
2. Penggunaan bahasa gaul ato kata informal bahasa Indonesia yg salah. Bahkan kata tersimpel spt 'sih', 'dong'. Taunya asal make aja.
3. Penutur wannabe bahasa Indonesia itu kalo nulis kata 'nggak' pasti cuman satu 'G'. Kata 'banget', 'E' diganti jadi 'A'. Typo 'ngak' & 'bangat' tu biasa banget kalo yg nulisnya org Melayu yg sok2 bisa bahasa Indonesia. Kecenderungan yang... Kenapa ya?
4. Mereka biasanya merasa sudah jago bahasa Indonesia cuman karna sering travel ke Indonesia.

Saya kalo ketemu temen yang sok sok ngajak bahasa Indonesia, gak bakalan saya ladenin. Lucu dengernya. Hihi. :3 So, an advice to the so-called wannabe Indonesian speakers from Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore, Kalo mau nguasain bahasa Indonesia spt yg lo tonton di filem-filem/sinetron itu, tinggal dulu 10 taun di Indonesia, so you'll understand a lil bit of history, correct usage and changes that gone through in our language. Dan, lu bakal berenti making fun dan bisa respek bahasa kami.'
Air Sunyi (VintageVienna) - an advice for the non-Indonesian Malays yang suka sok-sok ngomong Indonesia (making fun of our language).

July 11 2012


Vegetarhythm (Bejitarizumu) Indonesian lyrics

YES. After all this time, FINALLY I found the Vegetarhythm(Bejitarizumu) lyrics translation & now I've translated the lyrics to Indonesian. Minus the "shu-shu-shu sa-sa-iyasa-sa" cuz they require no translation.




Hari ini masak sayuran

Dengan suasana lembut

Dimasukkan ke panci

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Mama dengan menu

Papa lagi di kantor

Semuanya senyum

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Dicincang, dipanggang, dikupas, digoreng, direbus, dikukus atau mentah~ santap.

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Pas kamu lagi bete,

Masukkan ke panci

Semuanya suka

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Ku mau kamu tahu

Aku cinta kamu

Aku suka kamu

Inilah Vegetarhythm


Bengkoang, kentang, seledri, peterseli, labu siam, tomat, masukkan dalam... panci.


Dicincang, dipanggang, dikupas, digoreng, direbus, dikukus atau mentah... santap.

Inilah Vegetarhythm



English translation right here You're welcome to translate it in your own languages.

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May 16 2012

Martabak Manis by zsami
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And they are delicious as f*ck.
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March 05 2012


May 31 2011

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Proud being an Indonesian kid. HUZZAH.

May 10 2011

Garuda dan Gatot Kaca by faridnaufal

March 28 2011

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