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April 20 2013


September 15 2012


Dafuq? Is this for real or is she just trollin'?


i was just chilling and this guy came up to me and fucking bit me

wow what

and now it really hurts and im getting really tired and kind of hungry

anyone know what’s happening

Whoa WHAT?? Did someone seriously randomly bite you? O_O That’s a scary bite…


hey everyone! as some of you know i was bittenyesterday! i went to the hospital and they put some stuff on it and wrapped it and sent me home.  i went to bed with a high fever that continued through the night and when i woke up i looked like this!  

my dad is at work (doctor) and he says that he’ll come pick me up and take me down to the hospital to get another loo-

what the-

what the fuck

on second thought ill just call him now

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