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April 27 2019

Happy National Siblings Day, everyone give yer sisters n brothers an unsuspecting glomp!

Anyway I never thought I'd finish this on National Siblings Day, it's a weird coincicence. But yep I totally got this idea from  @kadeart 's Baymax vs Toothless comic, n adddd a few sumfin' sumfin'.
Thinking about it if it werent to spomtaneously one-up Luther in here, Diego probably wouldnt just randomly hug Vanya or anyone. Not Klaus though. Klaus just likes hugs.
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October 21 2014


I feel like shit, I feel like I shouldn’t be knowing these people in th efirst place, I feel like I shouldn’t esxist at all.

I want a really really really big hug…

A hug from a huge cat,
A hug from Totoro,
A hug from my friends,
A hug from the Strawhat Crew,
A hug from my brosis thatsridicarus ,
A hug from my possible twin ilicarriedoll ,
A hug from thousands of cats,
A hug from warm cup of coffee,
A hug from Pizza,
A hug from Pewdiepie, Ken, Cry, Marzipan and that Pink Moustache dude,
A hug from Gracey,
A hug from How I Met Your Mother characters,
A hug from Adventure Time characters,
A hug from Tony Tony Chopper,
A hug from Doraemon,
I wish Doraemon’s invention existed so I can altered myself into a better person…
A smarter person,
A more better greater advance self,
A more productive person….

I seriously feel like shit…..


and this post kinda makes me well up a bit. To be honest one of the things that could make me cry is the realization of hug-deprivation and needing more hugs but the people we wanna give hugs is living far away and vIRTUAL HUGS ISNT ENOUGH AND ISNT AS GOOD AS THE REAL ONE T~T

But here. 
Have a hug 
Even if it’s only figurative.
I just wish everyone wasnt so far away.

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November 07 2013




fun facts about russia’s biggest bitch that you probably aren’t aware of: she was the only one in the olympic village to send her competitors plush toys and gifts and wish them luck before events; she has never uttered a single negative phrase about anyone even when urged by the press; she’s carried the entire russian gymnastics team on her back since she rose to (and ultimately fell from) power in 2010, and most importantly — a mere 18 months before the olympics, she had a (usually) career-ending injury which gave her only half of the competition time everyone else did and while unable to compete, she still went to training with her team everyday to chalk the bars, say encouraging words and offer support; oh, and, she was STILL the single most decorated gymnast of the entire quad, while only being active for half of it;her first attempts at full routines after her injury were ON THE OLYMPIC FLOOR. where she won four medals. the most, out of any gymnast, male or female. when no one even thought she’d be recovered enough to claim any individual awards, whatsoever. yes, nbc, she truly is the diva monstrosity you make her out to be.

The media always likes to shit on young girls.

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February 04 2013


November 17 2012

Sorting hat hugs. Lol at Ravenclaw's.
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October 20 2012

Hugs from Slendy please
(via SMOSH)
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October 14 2012

So much crying and hugging I scare myself. This came from a random pre-sleep thought and I just wanted to draw them hugging warmly & calming each other down without making it look like a slash pairing.
Anyway it's up to the readers what they're crying about.
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April 10 2012


A Poem About: Voldemort Hugs

by theandersonbrothers:

Voldemort hug, so awkward and true

Because sometimes Voldy needs hugs too

His heart of black, coal and steel

But when he hugged Draco, the feeling was real

Does Voldy love Draco? Too bad we’ll never know

Because Neville was a total BAMF and killed Nagini like it was a motherfucking gummy worm and Harry Potter fucking disintegrated Voldemort like a boss…yo.

April 07 2012


October 07 2011


August 04 2011


June 10 2011

8905 7641
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June 04 2011

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Free Hugs shirt
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