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June 27 2015



"you cant animate women easily, they have to stay pretty all the time"


i love it when reaction images are also examples

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June 21 2015


June 13 2015

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the chief has come home (x)

OH MY FUCKING… you can see one by one hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and even the reflection of the shadow Hiccup’s watching in both eyes!!

this is actually really nice animation

the texture on her nail and the dirt underneath it

the slight dilation of hiccup’s pupils when he opens his eyes

the muscles in his forehead tensing up in the second gif and relaxing in the third

dreamworks has some fucking awesome attention to detail

The design on Gothi’s hand

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May 26 2015

drew this cuz of this post:



what if julian pulls a 180 like albert did and starts working out 

imagine buff julian casablancas 

With a “Tennis Ball Yellow (on one side) and Red and Black (on the other side) Mullet. Revolutionary haha

which reminds me of that Dragons: Riders of Berk episode “Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man

sigh i cant draw realistic paintings in comics :’(

December 14 2014

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Nope this isnt a parody the main Jingle Bells song. It's the one that goes "jinglebells jinglebells jinglebells rock".
Also, technically the religion in HTTYD is Norse Pantheism.

December 06 2014

source: (unknown)tumblr, via paheal.net

alright like a lot of porn pictures, the proportions are way off.
also read the comments theyre clever

December 03 2014


December 02 2014



Toothless and Hiccup vs. Hiro and Baymax. a tutorial of this is available on my deviantart page 

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Lovely Characters Series 1 - Flight

suddenly i decided to make a series of pictures with our lovely characters)
here’s the first one!
HTTYP 2 Hiccup&Toothless and BH6 Hiro&Baymax :3

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Big Dragon Guardians

I want a Super Smash Bros vers of Disney/Dreamworks movie characters >.< Make it happen, Lasseter/Spielberg!

Been drawing too may girls lately. So I needed to draw me some macho dudes. And you cant get any more macho than Rise of the Guardians, HTTYD2 & Big Hero 6! Can’t wait to watch the latter 2!

PS: My last Elsanna post had 4560 notes last I checked. Thank you! You guys are AMAZING! Hope this one gets the same love too. Thanks again! XD

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December 01 2014



Hiccup / Hiro comparison gif set

They’re both so cute, one reminds me of the other :)

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HTTYD and BH6 similarity's


  • Hiro is a dork. Hiccup is a dork.
  • Hiro calls Baymax ‘Buddy’. Hiccup calls Toothless ‘Bud’.
  • Hiro is an inventor. Hiccup is an Inventor
  • Baymax can fly. Toothless can fly.
  • Hiro and his friends are dorks. Hiccup and his friends are dorks.
  • *Spoilers?* Hiro and Hiccup both lost a family member.
  • Toothless looks after Hiccup. Baymax looks after Hiro.
  • Toothless is adorable. Baymax is adorable.



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(transparent) cutie pie inventors thinking up new armor designs for their larger than life friends ♥

they have such similar mannerisms! it’s too cute !!

November 24 2014

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Toothless seemed like an appropriate name for this little dude

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November 21 2014

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what Hiro Hamada, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III & Steven Universe have in common: they've lost a loved one (but technically Rose Quartz can come back sometime later cuz she's not really DEAD dead)

what Baymax, Toothless & the Lion have in common: THEY'RE BIG AND CUDDLY.

November 01 2014


October 29 2014

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Fanderping with Cammille about How To Train Your Dragon 2

forever laughing at "kokoro going brokoro"

October 28 2014


Inktober day 26 pt2: What I think about the Riders of Berk episode "Thawfest"
Featuring the Sin Cakes, and in the end Astrid ate Common Sense Cake insread.

Tbh I don't like the ending at all. I want Hiccup to win because the reason why Snotlout is always winning the thawfest is because of pressure from his dad keeping the Jorgensons' family history as thawfest winners. They're the ones that need a life lesson
I wish Astrid would've let Hiccup win, and Snotlout comes in second, Hiccup telling him that it's ok to lose sometimes and then Spitelout comes raging down the arena bitching about why his son didn't win but Hiccup and Stoick yelled back at him, defending Snotlout.

I might've accidentally drawn Hiccup's metal leg on the wrong side

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Upon realizing that Gustav Larson is indeed the Scootaloo to Snotlout's Rainbow Dash

He even has a dragon named Fanghook (named after Hookfang) and like Hookfang, Fanghook is also a Monstrous Nightmare

October 24 2014

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