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May 07 2015





No, you don’t understand.

This actually happens.

We got a 16 year old boy on our unit once, because Pediatrics was full, and it’s about 1 in the morning and all the nurses are at the nurses station having a break and we’re  all talking and having a laugh and then all of a sudden this kids heart monitor just goes CRAZY.

So we call the code and I grab the crash cart and about 6 of us just take off running down the hall and we bust in the room and this kid is just sitting there with his hand around his junk looking MORTIFIED.

So we just sort of backed out of the room quietly, walked calmly to the stairwell, and had a total and complete hysterical breakdown.

It was the funniest shit ever.

Omigod so many nurses have told me stories like these. 

omg xD

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February 23 2014

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I want to share this picture as its one of the happiest moments of my life, on this day me and my cousin (the girl in the bed) were due to see and meet my chemical romance in cardiff as we were at bristol childrens hospital and this was her ‘willow foundation’ wish (like make a wish but for older), she was so happy at the thought of meeting them but two days before the doctors told her she couldnt go cause it was too close to her chemotherapy and she was at too much risk of infection and this literally broke her heart, being a fan of them since they had started they were her inspiration, her everything.

so the day that we were meant to go see them came and we were in bed, depressed about the prospects of not going. then she got a call, iit was MCR managers asking if she would still like to meet them, of course she said yes but explained she couldnt cause of chemo and then they told her that would come to her.

at that moment i welled up with happiness, unbelievable.

but they did, they bought her every peice of merch from the tour and took photos and just had a lovely chat, she was so happy and i was shaking from shock. we just couldnt believe it and yknow what the best thing was? there was no media just us in her hospital room meeting our heros and it was breathtaking.

later i talked to one of the nurses who said that when they were told she couldnt come they themselves decided to travel the hour and half out there way to make her dreams come true!

so here it is, thankyou. thankyou, thankyou.

i honestly cannot say thankyou more, unfortunatly she lost her battle with cancer and i miss her so much everyday but pictures like this get me through and make me realise there are some genuine nice people out there.

Thankyou guys and thankyou shyla for being the best friend i could ask for and thankyou willow foundation for making this happen.

I love you all so much <33

I’m about to fucking cry. That was beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss

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July 30 2013


May 23 2013



Polish heart surgeon after 23 hours long heart transplantation. Surgery was succesful. His assistant is sleeping on the floor (1987)

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February 25 2013


Me and my friend's 'mature' relationship in a nutshell
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October 21 2012



(Thanks to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for this)

Simple, because she was a lone voice - giving voice to many girls and not just in Pakistan. The least we could do is support her courageous voice and give support to the many Malalas who dare not raise their voices.
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October 17 2012

Old Spice NPH Commercial

August 24 2012


Imagine how psyched those kids will be hearing Pooh saying "get better"

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Source: youjustlearned.com
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July 05 2012


March 18 2012

AMRI Hospitals – Symptoms of Parkinson’s
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August 23 2011

August 07 2011


March 25 2011

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Doctors at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, Canada have taken interactive gaming to the next level when they hooked up a Kinect console to their medical imaging computer. Now when in the operating room, doctors can have direct access to MRI scans, without having to disinfect, leave the operating room, consult the scans, and then scrub back in. This hack allows them to virtually manipulate the scans and retrieve the necessary information by pulling it up on screen with a wave of their hand. (via PSFK)

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