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The Erdapfel or “earth apple" in German, produced by Martin Behaim in 1492 is considered to be the oldest surviving terrestrial globe. It is constructed of a laminated linen ball in two halves, reinforced with wood and overlaid with a map painted by Georg Glockendon. The Americas are not included, as Columbus returned to Spain no sooner than March 1493. The globe shows an enlarged Eurasian continent and an empty ocean between Europe and Asia. The mythical Saint Brendan’s Island is included. Japan and Asian islands are disproportionately large. The idea to call the globe "apple" may be related to the Reichsapfel (“Imperial Apple”, Globus cruciger) which was also kept in Nuremberg along with the Imperial Regalia (Reichskleinodien). From its creation until early in the 16th century, it stood in a reception room in the Nuremberg town hall. After that time it was held by the Behaim family. In 1907, it was transferred to the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg.

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History Meme -5/10 Moments - The Cuban Missile Crisis

From October 14th to the 28th in 1962, the world sat at the brink of a nuclear war. When the small island of Cuba became allies with the infamous Soviet Union, the United States took it personally. The world watched as the two world powers drew lines and waited for the cargo ship to cross it. On October 22nd, President Kennedy addressed the nation of the events happening only 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

The Cuban-American relations had been strained ever since the Bay of Pigs invasion in spring of 1961. After the failed coup, the Cuban government became more and more dependent on Soviets, both military-wise and economically. The tensions of the Cold War grew even more strained as the months passed.

On October 14th, a US spy plane had photographed a missile being assembled for installation. By the 16th, the president of the United States was briefing ExCom and other officials over the diplomatic crisis, as were the Soviet leaders. When the United States found out about the installment of nuclear missiles in Cuba, it was time to act.

The stand off ended when the United States agreed to take out the missiles previously placed in Turkey.

This, by far, was the gravest time in world history when the fate of the entire planet was laid on a line drawn on a map.[x]

November 16 2013

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The History of Web Design
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August 22 2013



During the Genpei War of 1180-1185, there was an exceptional onna bugeisha (literally, warrior-arts female)- a rare female practitioner of bushido, the way of the warrior. A concubine of Yoshinaka, Tomoe Gozen was said to be exceptionally beautiful, with porcelain skin and long black hair, and was exceptionally skilled in combat. A better archer than most men, her bravery and ability made her terrifying. Supposedly, she could ride unbroken horses without issue, handle sword or longbow with equal skill, and could stare down gods and demons alike.

When Yoshinaka was at war, Tomoe was his first captain. On the front lines, she performed more acts of valor than any other. After his battle with the Heiki clan Yoshinaka set out to become the head of the Minamoto clan. His cousin, Yoritomo, had other ideas; he sent his two brothers to kill Yoshinaka. This brought on the Battle of Awazu in February of 1184, where Yoritomos’ and Yoshinakas’ soldiers fought for hours. Tomoe Gozen is said to have taken the heads of Uchida Ieyoshi and Honda no Moroshige before Yoshinaka was defeated.

After this, no one really knows what happened to Tomoe.

Some people say that she was defeated by Wada Yoshimori and instead of being killed, she was taken for a wife. Some say she escaped battle and became a nun. Some say she never even existed- outside of “The Tale of the Heiki”, there is little evidence of her existence. Although, the grave of another of Yoshinaka’s concubines, Yamabuki Gozen, has been found. “The Tale of the Heiki” is said to be mostly true.

Today you may see Tomoe Gozen being portrayed by geiko (geisha) during Jidai Matsuri, the Festival of Ages, where famous characters from across history are portrayed during the parade. She is often seen wearing armor and a crown, carrying a naginata (a pole weapon) and riding a horse. She is always played by a beautiful woman.

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August 12 2013


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Common Historical Misconceptions

I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

The history nerd part of me just loves stuff like this!

The missing numbers bothers me

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July 08 2013

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May 16 2013

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The History of Typography

Hamilton-based vlogger Ben Barrett-Forrest has created a animated video that explains the history of typography. 

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May 14 2013



I’ve seen this move like 12 times, and I seriously didn’t notice until right now that Oogway leaves the lantern he brought to the tree with Po.


I love you so friggin much, Master Oogway.

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