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December 14 2014

imagine if butterflies breathed fire




imagine if butterflies breathed fire 

but only a little bit of fire

“hi pet butterfly would you light this candle for me?”

*puff puff*

“thanks little buddy”

“yo butterfly light my joint”

*puff puff*

“thanks lil nigga”

two types of people

November 26 2014




What if you went out on a date with a moth and he took you by the hand with one of his fuzzy little legs and he was like “I want to take you to the most beautiful place I know, because you deserve nothing less” and when you get there it’s literally just a lamp

There is no conceivable clarification I could ask for regarding this scenario whose answer wouldn’t just raise further questions.

November 25 2014

2070 9e5f


Me and thatsridicarus chatting bout gay and hetero…

I’m already toxicated enough by coffee….

because pencils are straight & bendable pencils can bend... and ribbons are straight-up curly & squiggly :B
society youve done it again

also you're high on coffee n im high on sleepy

October 22 2014


Is anyone IRL named Roseph?

Cuz that would be pretty cool & if your nickname's Rose imagine people asking you what Rose is short for.

They're gonna guess cliche names like "oh your name is Rose? what is it short for, Rosemary, Rosalynn, Roseanne, Rosmah, Rosmayanti, Rosita, Rosalinda, etc"

And you're gonna be like "no bruh it's Roseph. ROSEPH. like Joseph with an R"

March 14 2014

11 Oddball Suggestions That, Well, Just Might Work (or: Shower Thoughts, Part Two)
I SAY YES TO THE GYM EQUIPMENTS ONE! Why can't we hook them up to generators so we can exercise & charge phones all at once?

I also say make it happen to the Knees & Toes bodywash, the clockmaker slogan, the IMDB for music, and planting grass on campus routes.

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