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November 07 2011


October 11 2011


September 03 2011

steampunk Darth Vader helmet
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August 12 2011

This recreated the Daft Punk helmet with a LED animation
Awesome work (see the final result on http://www.fubiz.net/blog/index.php?2008/12/04/2464-daft-punk-helmet this is just amazing)
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April 17 2011

6847 fa1d
How to wear a helmet the right way.
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March 02 2011

30STM - Paper Bag Helmets
Had this idea when I saw a picture of the little Letos on bikes wearing paper bags on their heads (saw it on ~Smars12's gallery but i dunno where it is now) & that might bot be exactly what they lo...
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February 16 2011

Repost if you know who's cap is this.

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