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October 16 2014

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Quick height headcanons for mcrdeviantclub ! 

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August 17 2014

growing up is watching your younger sibling get taller and taller until they finally surpass you until you’re left a diminished pride and memories of when you were the supreme sibling

March 23 2014

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Often characters in cartoons are short only when they’re a specific age (=either a kid or an old person) or when they’re from a ~race of magical creatures~ (like elves, dwarves, oompaloomphas, etc). I’m so happy to see a character who’s just short for the sake of being short.

I feel as if most people here can relate to amethyst because of her personality & behavior, and her height adds something else that I can relate to. Highfive.

November 18 2013

October 06 2013

Towering Over Once Again
dA version | tumblr version
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September 06 2013




UCF two tallest volleyball players and shortest cheerleader

its like they’re not even the same species.

(Source: best-of-imgur, via bagelthins)

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August 28 2013



damn no wonder bruno mars was locked out of heaven he couldn’t reach the doorknob

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April 02 2013

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How Tall Can Mountains Be? - MinuteEarth

January 29 2013

How I feel about my height
Cuz in reality, it isn't so.
But I'm not the one to judge what is short or what is tall.
I had this image floating around my vision cuz lately I've been calling myself a tower just to make myself feel better.

January 04 2013

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But the media makes the injustice seem justice, for instance, the tall guy gets two boxes and the short guy gets none. This is what's happening in the world now.
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January 03 2013


Omg watching shrek and they see lord farquaad’s castle and shrek says “You think he’s maybe compisating for something?” and laughs and I just now understand that he is talking about the size of the guys dick…..

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July 20 2012

one step closer from flying into the sun
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March 20 2012

Am I the only one who is wondering why the fk there is no middle section between the toilets?
The placement of the doors...

And TRIPLE FAIL cuz the toilet seats are up & not down.
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