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November 09 2014



I love how Hans is all subtle and Anna just CRASHES into him.


Does Anna even knowhow strong she is? I mean, she hit a fucking wolfaway with a lute. She just batted it away like it was nothing. And then she punches Hans flyingoff a boat. He archesArches.AND LET’S NOT FORGET SHE JUST ACCIDENTALLYTHROWS A BUST FAR AWAY LIKE IT’S NOTHING. HOW STRONG IS THIS GIRL?


People also forget that she pulled kristoff up a fucking cliff and pulled a tree down to hit marshmallow in the face shit girl


Anna born with superstrength and her while life her parents just told her she was clumsy and ordinary.  They didn’t want to deal with another weird superpowered daughter.



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September 27 2014

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something here is not right

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March 27 2014


Frozen Cosplayers from Anime boston 2014 [X]

Elsa | Anna | Rapunzel | Kristoff | Hans

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February 24 2014

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more of my frozen actor!AU
how do they even get any work done jfc

this is too beautiful for words

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January 16 2014






see, here’s what I originally thought. When I first saw this scene, I thought it was kinda suspicious he mentioned his brothers. And, I honestly thought the plot twist was going to be that he ORIGINALLY was planning on just stealing the throne, but fell in love with her instead and then Anna would introduce Kristoff to Elsa and they would all live happily ever after in a hardcore castle party house. So, that’s why the plot twist upset me even MORE because I thought he had changed…but he was as evil as I had originally thought…which is kinda scary.

just a fun fact about me.

I just got the horrible irony of the fact that he never did “shut her out” instead he “shut her in” and left her to die.

i feel bad for hans' mom giving birth to 13 kids omfg.

a moment of silence for Hans' mother

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