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September 08 2019

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Ned from Twenty One Pilots, along with Lola & the FOB Llamas (also feat. Ned from the Try Guys)

April 09 2015

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Tina and I (well mostly me) talking about a possible theory how Julian Casablancas got his name

also it's April 9th, Gerard Way & Albert Hammond Jr's birthdays.

March 31 2015

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gerard what are you doing

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March 23 2015

February 14 2015

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Gee Way, better known as the beautiful tiny muffin boy

(Not my tweet)

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February 03 2015



Without further ado here are Jimmy & I on Pancake Mountain doing Daisy Bell. Also featuring Gerard Way doing the amazing Weekend Pancake Report.

some bad quality pics of Gerard in this video
did Gerard gain weight on purpose just to play this character?

November 23 2014

November 16 2014


November 10 2014


November 04 2014


October 30 2014

October 26 2014


October 19 2014


October 18 2014



Scare-ard Way hauntin’ errybody’s phones. The spoopiest alien.

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Inktober day 15: Gerard Way as a charging sheep (with plushie Lola tied to him)

October 17 2014

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Putting this little baby up on my store.  Hopefully the sticker edition will be done by the end of the night.  I have half a mind do get this and put it on my laptop…

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October 16 2014


October 11 2014

Geered, Vyrt, fans and the nosebleedsplosion
Well I guess you can say the ship has now sailed… pun intended. To the fans aboard on that ship, at least. PUN INTENDED AGAIN

On twitter, jaredletosnatchedyourwig and I was brainstorming a comic idea based on Jared & Gerard derping on VyRT. For a site that let fans interact with their idols, I don’t know why I imagine Vyrt as a ship. Maybe it’s just for puns, which worked. Also I had to visibly includejaredletosnatchedyourwig herself and the girl who asked Gerard the question, Melanie Maynard (I hope I got her looks right, and no, she’s not the comedian, that’s another Melanie Maynard.). And the nose blood ocean was the randomest way to end this comic cuz I have no more ideas kay bye

I wonder if there’s a Princess Tomo-chan shirt in real life. And I wanna see Tomo wearing it.
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