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April 02 2017


February 22 2015

Genderbent myself Based on this selfie.

I've always wanted a full undercut and if I were a man I'd probably rock a beard.

EDIT: Featured on likaura's blog

December 09 2014



Gene Belcher - Feminist

The most perfect feminist ever

I relate to Gene mostly cuz of the musical stuff & gender-bending occasionally. And THIS.

also i dont get the glass ceiling thing tbh

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November 07 2014


October 25 2014


October 24 2014


August 08 2014


I fucking love this coat.




I can go from

little house on prairie girl



Captain on the high seas


In 10 seconds or you get your gender roles free.



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June 23 2014

Meet R2 pt15
Prev: chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art…
After TWO YEARS I've finally came up with another set of ideas for Meet R2. phew.

1: It's not just me. Some of my friends have this exact attitude towards plastic bags too, and maybe you guys :D jump on the boat!
While it's true that I've work plastic bags as hats before, I've never actually worn a dress made out of plastic bags.

2: This one's kinda true in some situations. Ashamed to say that I'm easily influenced by peer pressure eheheheh.

Or maybe it's just how I am around sick people, suddenly feeling weak and feverish in their presence, especially when I'm taking care of them.

3: One of the signs that you're creative is having a genderbending filter in your brain  A lot of people do. Artists, writers... etc.

Just to be clear, I know the word "pussy" that refers to weak people is short for "pusillanimous" and NOT the slang for vagina or cats. But some people still think otherwise and they subconsciously associate women with weakness this way. Genderbending this, what if I associate men with weakness in the same way by substituting their genital as a slang in here?

Also, in real life, we've never drawn a naked person in Life Drawing, ever. The closest to a naked model we could get was a topless man wearing only shorts.

January 10 2014

0471 d412



Petra Pan, the Girl who wouldn’t grow up : a masterpost

Hi guys ! I know an old Petra Pan masterpost exists somewhere, but it’s actually not mine, it’s reposted, so if you could just… not reblog it and maybe reblog / like this one instead, it would be super nice and super cool of you :3 ! The other one has like…. 87k of notes so it’s really cool to know that so many of you liked my art, but it’s not even credited so I didn’t know it was so popular before a friend of mine showed it to me ?

Besides, this one really has the full series -with Ms. Flee and the lost girls included- and I would be really happy if they could get the love they deserve !

That Tink.

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September 15 2013


It started off as 69… and ended up as 63. Rule 63, that is.

Was that enough fetish material for you in one serving?

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May 21 2013

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what blows me away is how the women in each photo just look like women. it’s the men that draw the eye. it’s the men that seem out of place and confusing. i wonder what this says about gender equality. i have to think about it for a while.

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September 03 2011

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