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September 02 2014

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The Oddsoks work way too hard powering laundry machines.

You can follow them on their journey around the world in my new children’s book app for the iPad, coming your way this Friday.


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February 05 2014

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July 26 2013


January 30 2013

How to make a lemon Steampunk. Cave Johnson would approve
(via Steampunk)
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January 29 2013

G.D.Falksen - Pinterest:
More fantastic art that you can wear from wonderful artist Sue Beatrice
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November 29 2012

The fact that something so familiar and over-photographed actually operates by way of shadowy, clockwork mechanical systems so exhilaratingly titanic, analogue, and, frankly, bizarre was an astonishing thing to learn. ... It's as if a huge stringed instrument has been wound through the basements of the city, a singing nervous system that hauls vehicles the size of small buildings up and down fog-shrouded hills.
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October 28 2012


March 04 2012

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Swinging Steampunk ear cuff
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August 07 2011

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