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October 16 2014

Tiny Hands: Productive Day
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June 28 2014





the gaming industry annoys me a lot because it has the potential to be the most creative and diverse outlet we have but like. nah. we got cod. and fifa. 0 female leading characters. the exact same slightly rough looking, dark haired, middle aged white dude.. 3/10

Oh, yeah. I get you, dude.

I meanimage

videogames NEVER have any playable female characters


I mean, like, EVER.


Look at all of these male-dominated games


It’s not like there’s ever been a STRONG female protagonist


And, either way, they’re always WHITE


And don’t even get me STARTED on Final Fantasy!




at all


of this male-dominated storyline.


Not letting any of the women be tough… WHAT PIGS, HUH

(a) you missed the point, (b) you missed the goddamned point, (c) a lot of your examples of strong females are years old, as in they’ve been in the industry for years and just keep getting rebooted, (d) they’re talking about this year, (e) these female characters aren’t new female characters which is what is needed and wanted.

a handful of examples, especially years old examples, only proves the point. Also, i love bioware and that they allow you to make male and female characters but that doesn’t fully count in the way of female main characters because you can also play as a male.

also some of the female characters you used as examples…aren’t the main protags of the games they’re in???? thus proving the point you really missed.

like can we stop using the handful of awesome female characters as an excuse for the greasy dude bros making video games these days to remain the lazy sexist fuckhats they’ve proven themselves to be? coz that’s literally what your response is doing, it’s normalizing the idea that because we’re thrown a couple bones, it counts as fucking representation and that nothing needs to change.

"why does there need to be a female assassin in asscreed? why do women need representation? i mean they have yuna from like 10 years ago. and lightning from what, five years ago? and that tomb raider reboot too yeah they have that too. oh yeah and sequel to mirrors edge. cool. they don’t need new female characters. we’ll just keep giving them scruffy white men and say boobs are too hard to make. the rest of the gaming population that also doesn’t give a shit about female representation will do the rest of the PR and damage control for us."

jesus fuck, hold these assholes accountable. a few awesome female characters doesn’t excuse the fact that that is all we have please stop.


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November 09 2013

God of FUNder
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May 28 2013


October 08 2012

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September 29 2012


August 26 2012

August 21 2012

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Forever Alone Nge-Game
(via 1CUK)

April 15 2012

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We are not friends anymore
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February 10 2012



Gaming Things that make you RAGE #42

Portal 2: The Old Aperture Levels

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December 06 2011

No surprises there, most gamers are female anyway. Heck, the INTERNET is basically all girls.
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November 12 2011

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November 04 2011

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Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance Expert+ Full Band Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

July 27 2011

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Meanwhile in China

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May 22 2011

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The evolution of game consoles. LOLWII.
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March 25 2011

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Doctors at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, Canada have taken interactive gaming to the next level when they hooked up a Kinect console to their medical imaging computer. Now when in the operating room, doctors can have direct access to MRI scans, without having to disinfect, leave the operating room, consult the scans, and then scrub back in. This hack allows them to virtually manipulate the scans and retrieve the necessary information by pulling it up on screen with a wave of their hand. (via PSFK)

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