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March 05 2015

December 13 2014

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i was trying to make my friend a bday cake but the dye on the decorative icing started leaking and dripping everywhere so it accidentally became the most ominous and violent looking baked good ive ever seen…… i slapped on some sprinkles to try and make it less threatening looking. it worked a little bit.


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October 15 2012

Eating frosting
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June 10 2012

Looks like frosting :P
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April 30 2012



All these colors were achieved with red, yellow, blue, and green food coloring mixed into white frosting. The amount of drops needed for the color you want is underneath the icing color. So convenient. :)

I love Mint Chip = 3 blue, 3 green

Click to enlarge!

(via annaandblue)

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May 16 2011

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REDPINK CUPCAKEZ! Now I'm suddenly hungry..
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February 23 2011

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