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March 20 2015



You can be way more.




*dinosaur impression* 

No, but this is exactly why Freddy is so amazing. He’s an ordinary person. Although he’s wealthy, he never mentioned it. He never treated anyone differently because of his monetary status, because never considered it an important or defining characteristic. And although you’d think he’d be insecure about hanging out with a bunch of geniuses, he’s never afraid to be himself. His personality is completely unassuming and he treats everyone equally, regardless of gender, IQ, money, or race. Not only that, he also pursues his dreams without letting anyone else put him down for it. How great is that?

And then he went and kicked ass with the best of them, proving that anyone can be a hero— that just because you are ordinary doesn’t mean you can’t do something extraordinary. 

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January 27 2015


But seriously, it was hilarious when I saw that Fred was holding onto Gogo’s foot and he flopped down when she ran.

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