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May 17 2015



Mixing and Matching Fonts

Mixing and matching up fonts! Fun! It looks awesome when done right... and if not? Font vomit. So you gotta be careful but it's not rocket science.  Here are some really simple tips:

  1. Opposites Attract:  Try using two fonts that are complete opposites together like serif and sans serif, a big fat font and a skinny font, a fancy script and a simple serif or an uppercase font with a lower case one.
  2. Choose fonts with different kerning or play with it yourself.  The kerning is the space between letters.  It's really trendy to have an E   N   O   R   M   O   U   S space between letters on some words!  
  3. Don't go overboard.  Limit the fonts to 3-5 different font in one document.  Sure, you will some examples that can pull off more but leave that to the professionals!
  4. Body text or the "bulk" of the text that a person has to read (like what you are doing now) needs to be in something easy to read.  For print, serif fonts are the easiest on the eyes to read. Sans serif is easier to read on the computer though.
  5. Mix fonts from the same historical period but have different features.  

Have fun mixing it up! 

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February 10 2015

December 10 2014


November 17 2014

Dyslexie Font


This Dyslexic-Friendly Font Could Help The 1 In 5 People Living With Condition

November 04 2014




Comic sans isn’t even intimidating in caps it just sounds like a kitten trying to roar like a lion


My god you’re right.


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October 01 2014

10 Fresh and Free Typefaces

gaspar 620x305 10 fresh and free typefaces

Words are the best communication tool in the world. No surprise typography and words make over 90% of web design, so making the right choices is crucial in sending the right message to your audience. As a web designer myself I constantly look for new fonts to put into my arsenal. Unfortunately finding really good typefaces available for free is extremely hard.

Recently I’ve came across some fresh typefaces that may benefit you as well. Take a look at these 10 fresh and free fonts for your next project.

Wolf in the City

wolf 620x273 10 fresh and free typefaces


free fonts 08 620x248 10 fresh and free typefaces


gafata 10 fresh and free typefaces


ffonts01 10 fresh and free typefaces


ffonts08a 10 fresh and free typefaces

Rambla Alt STD

fonts02 10 fresh and free typefaces


dribbble cover glamor 620x465 10 fresh and free typefaces

Bebas Neue

free fonts 01 620x248 10 fresh and free typefaces

Blenda Script

blenda 10 fresh and free typefaces

Original Article on UltraLinx Website - 10 Fresh and Free Typefaces
Follow UltraLinx on - Facebook | Twitter.

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August 01 2014

July 23 2014

1872 f54b



If these font sizes don’t speak to the relative value of Palestinian life, I don’t know what does.

'clash' interesting word usage

dem font sizes
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July 17 2013

39 Shades Of Degdeg
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June 16 2013



Fonts with Stripes Pack - download

I just put something together because why not! None of these fonts belong to me. Please like/reblog if this helped in any way. My favorites are bolded. (Request more here)

peaches en regalia | stripe3d | phatrave | schoolnotes | archistico | best day ever |firgurativative | heart stripe

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May 31 2013


May 16 2013

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The History of Typography

Hamilton-based vlogger Ben Barrett-Forrest has created a animated video that explains the history of typography. 

(via shiseptiana)

April 30 2013

Seaside font
type (c) IamPablo. Photo (c) VivGabriela.
(source: Behance, via thekdu)

March 03 2013

5009 7fe6 500

Llamafont, a site that allows you to type a message in a font made of llamas and share it with your friends. Why? Because llamas make everything better :)

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January 24 2013


November 10 2012

Lookit what Prinelence did :B she was experimenting with fonts and did our names. Pretty.

July 04 2012

Meme generator font war...
via Lolzparade
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April 22 2012

The Cracked's guide to Fonts
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