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November 22 2014


Here’s some Finnish for you!



Anna palaa! = Go for it!

Anna palaa! = Anna is returning!

Anna palaa! = Anna is burning! 

Anna pala. = Give me a piece. 

Anna palaa! = Let it burn!

I'm imagining the different intonations needed to say these different sentences
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September 01 2014

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when you forget theres homework due tomorrow

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March 26 2014


September 26 2012


okay. as you might know, finnish and estonian belong in the same language family and are therefore very similar.


In fact, you could say that someone speaking Estonian sounds pretty much like a drunk foreigner trying to speak Finnish. And vice versa, of course.

However, there are also some remarkable differences. Most prominent example being how sometimes the same word can have a completely different meaning. Here are some of the funniest examples:

  • Pulmat Fin. “troubles” or “dilemmas”. Est. “a wedding”.
  • Kassi Fin. “a bag”. Est. “a cat”.
  • Hallitus Fin. “government”. Est. “mold”.
  • Karata Fin. “to run away”. Est. “to jump”.
  • Hukata Fin. “to lose/misplace”. Est. “to execute”.
  • Aurata Fin. “to plow”. Est. “to steam”.
  • Hingata Fin. “to rub”. Est. “to breathe”.
  • Iva Fin. “scorn” Est. “grain”.
  • Kalju Fin. “bald” Est. “a big rock”.
  • Ori Fin. “a stallion” Est. “a slave”.
  • Surija Fin. “a mourner” Est. “a dying person”.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Gotta be careful this weekend, even though many Estonians speak or understand Finnish. :D

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February 05 2012

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Pasila - Twenty Five part1 (a parody of 24)
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