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October 30 2014


things that make the earth continue to turn:

  • gerard way’s bone structure
  • brendon urie’s ass-to-waist ratio
  • andy hurley’s gap tooth
  • hayley williams’ abs
  • frank iero’s eyebrows
  • josh dun's pectoral muscles
  • patrick stump's political opinions

November 08 2012

7856 eeaf 500
The seven wonders of the world... Avengers style.

March 24 2012


March 19 2012

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Meet Jux, a sort of alternaSoup!

February 24 2012

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I really wanna try this site, as an alternaFoursquare & alternaGowalla & such. Sad thing is we can't submit pictures & videos along with our location.

November 11 2011

How Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr Compare [Infographic]
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