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November 17 2014

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This new compact camera wants to make selfie-loving ladies feel like runway models

The anything-but-humble selfie is a pop culture staple of the mid-2010s, and nowhere is the phenomenon more prevalent than in Asia. The region has given us “selfie sticks,” selfie apps, and even a selfie-centric smartphone. Now, Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio has unveiled a powerful point-and-shoot camera designed for women who are obsessed with photographing themselves.

In keeping with the company’s Exilim TR line of self portrait-focused cameras, the brand new EX-TR50 features a unique design language with a frame that doubles as a kickstand and a three-inch LCD that can swivel around it and the lens. This allows for a multitude of shooting angles but also makes the camera reminiscent of a fancy makeup case. With an almost Burberry-inspired plaid pattern on the back of the LCD, it would certainly look right at home in a designer handbag.


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