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September 30 2011

In Memoriam of the late Exheaven

Her art was just BAMF. She was big back in 2005-2006 but who knows where she is now. It's like she disappeared off of the face of the internet forever.

MCR photo black_parade_by_exheaven.jpg MCR photo gerard_way_by_exheaven.jpg MCR photo we_are_theblackparade_by_exheaven.jpg MCR photo thanks_for_favs_by_exheaven.jpg

And she even made me an art trade piece, probably after I drew her this :) TheBlackParade 4 chocoreaper by exheaven
TheBlackParade 4 Chocoreaper by exheaven

and of course here's Denorii's fanart for her after she bought her a dA subscription
More of Exheaven's artworks
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May 19 2011

Milkshaken - redone
Redoing an old comic I did back in 2007 featuring ~exheaven. not much difference though, cept for the lineart & expressions XD
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