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November 24 2014

Actual episodes of Lizzie McGuire:

  • Lizzie and her friends are on a spanish-language game show but don’t know what they’re supposed to do because they do not speak spanish
  • Gordo becomes obsessed with a Dungeons and Dragons-style game called “Dwarflord.” Lizzie and Miranda dress up as fantasy characters to kidnap him and stage an intervention because he’s stopped caring about school.
  • Lizzie and her friends sneak onto the set of an Aaron Carter video. Lizzie makes out with Aaron Carter, and they end up being extras in the video.
  • Miranda develops an eating disorder and, with the help of her friends, recovers completely, all within the span of a few days. As far as the rest of the episodes are concerned, this never happened.
  • Lizzie becomes a “bad girl,” which apparently constitutes wearing 10% punkier clothes, clip-on piercings, and letting another girl cheat on a math test. Once again, this is a chapter of her life that lasts exactly a few days and is never mentioned again.
  • Lizzie becomes Frankie Muniz’ girlfriend.
  • Miranda doesn’t invite Larry Tudgeman, the creepy kid who seemingly does not bathe or do laundry, to her birthday party. Lizzie and Gordo give him a makeover so he’s handsome and charming to show Miranda the error of her ways or something.
  • Gordo teaches Matt karate with the help of David Carradine
  • Matt and Lizzie switch bodies maybe
  • Lizzie and co. sneak into an R-rated movie and get caught because Lizzie saves a dude’s life and gets on the news. Her parents are still mad for some reason.
  • Gordo loves the music of 50s and 60s crooners, but then acts like a giant hipster and pretends to hate it when everyone else starts to like it. He then goes and flies model airplanes in the most sullen way possible until Lizzie and Miranda beg him not to give up on his love of the Rat Pack and come to the lounge-themed dance with them. He says absolutely not, then shows up anyway dressed as Sinatra. Gordo might suffer from undiagnosed personality disorders.
(source: raptorific)
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August 03 2014

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Pretty much every fucking that crawls/walks/slithers/flies in Australia should be feared, I think?

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May 25 2014


How Every "My Cat From Hell" episode works:

People: My cat doesn't know how to cat.

Jackson Galaxy: No, YOU don't know how to cat.

People: if cat doesn't cat, cat has to go.

Jackson Galaxy: Do the thing and your cat will cat. 

People: *doesn't do the thing*

People: Cat still won't cat

Jackson Galaxy: DO THE THING

People: *does the thing*

People: My cat is catting!

Jackson Galaxy: dumbasses.

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May 19 2014





you just broke your own fourth wall

one time i referred to my freshman year as “season one”

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May 13 2013

I dont play kingdom hearts buuuut...
(via Myoo89)

February 22 2013

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Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who - Classic Comic Relief
ROFLing so much XDDD I wanna know which number Doctor is Rowan portraying
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February 20 2012


October 30 2011

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Dick Figures: OMG
lol parody of Inception... & bits of Akira
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May 05 2011

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Lol nakey Tommy
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