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October 21 2017

tried making a comic in Sketchbook Pro. two of my friends said in the second panel I look like a titan from SNK [X][X]

September 08 2017

Sometimes the green-eyed monster makes you envy over petty minuscule things. And sometimes it's quickly depleted & you feel embarrassed of feeling envious in the first place.

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July 08 2017

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not now envy

not now
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July 07 2017


April 09 2017

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a friend of mine expressing her own interpretation of the voyeurism in my song, relating it to envying someone's hedonistic life.

June 15 2015

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I just want to reblog this again and make it clear that the story we are telling should not be “Cinderella was beautiful and kind and her Stepsisters were ugly and mean.” That isn’t how the world works.

June 12 2015

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Sometimes I just envy the wrong things...

Oh and here's the pet plushie turtle from the rival print shop I was talking about
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May 10 2015


Envious bookmark freebies~ modified from SNFontaholic's Valentines-Day-themed bookmarks

March 18 2015

Ruby the Copycat - Emerald the Envy
HELP D: I took something out of a children's book and made something screwed up & twisted out of it

A small random thought that came up when I just discovered Ruby The Copycat in 2013 went like, what if just as Ruby stopped copying for the sake of friendship, she's haunted by this invisible desire to keep on copying Angela and her other friends? It's gonna consume her & slowly corrupt her and stuff and it's pretty scary, cuz to me it's relatable.

What if this envious entity is named Emerald since it's green?

Lol "fuse with me" and gem names, that is so Steven Universe

Ruby the Copycat (c) Peggy Rathmann

March 14 2015

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This was WEEKS ago, when I told Tina about the coincidence on the starsigns of most of the people whom I either envy or copied (or both), and the temporary copycat comrades I had.

Besides Libras I think I envied/copied a few Leos too, while some Leos were my copycat comrades for a certain period of time. I guess to me, Leo swings both ways.
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January 27 2015

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It's just like explained in Danisnotonfire's video
Iri - Bening Envy (typical, normal, just plain wanting what other people has)
Hasad - Malign Envy (not-so-typical, wanting other people to suffer & lose the things they have that we want)

and of course Cemburu = Jealousy which isnt part of this context

January 22 2015


a cup of irrational envy / TEApression

"Instead of constantly wishing what others have that you don’t, try being happy with what you already have" - basically everyone in my life

before | WIPafter

January 17 2015

these are minor goals & don't really count as resolutions. it's just how i feel right now about my friends showing off their works-in-progress on facebook & me being irrationally envious just because i didnt draw what they did.
my actual new year resolution this year is to get a job btw.

January 16 2015

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What Taurus Is Prone To. For more information on the zodiac signs, click here.


December 16 2014





Envy and jealousy can sneak up on people and it can cause some serious damage emotionally and even physically!  Stop comparing yourself to others, because no life is exactly the same - we each have our own obstacles and challenges to accomplish.  So when you start to think the grass is greener on the other side, think about your own goals, nurture and take care of your side of the yard, because the more blessings you count in your life, the more beautiful flowers will flourish!!


smthng fr u

omg thanks \m/

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November 20 2014

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this was drawn before I watched BH6, and finished after I watched BH6. (and the reason why Tina watched it before me is cuz we live in different places)

the title should be Avatar: The Last Envybender or March of the Green Baymaxes 

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October 25 2014

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Reisha and I discussing about what kind of copycats aren't envious

October 13 2014

Inktober day 11 - Envity Envity (from this tweet)

October 12 2014


Envy Is Like…

Envy is like a worm that keeps gnawing on your apple of a heart whenever you see someone else’s apple heart growing bigger.
It’s that fire alarm that keeps blaring. It’s the fire that burns your tongue when you see someone else lick an ice-cream.
It’s the chilling hailstorm in your lungs upon seeing others on a beach vacation. It’s the forest fire on your spine upon seeing others enjoying Winter Wonderland.

Envy is all the edits you’ve implied for your photo on Photoshop after a few references.
It’s a deathwish upon everyone better and luckier than you.
It’s the urge to throw a party for yourself during someone else’s celebration. It does not differentiate best friends from enemies.

It’s the flipside of Schadenfreude, it’s Gluckschmerz, It’s Neid.
It’s that persistent green unseen that keeps you awake at night.
Insisting that you focus on a negative thought while you try to distract yourself and think happy thoughts.

It’s the attention you suddenly need when someone gets attention, which is weird because you normally don’t need the attention.
It’s the venom spitting from your throat when you congratulate someone upon their achievements.
It’s that poison you keep drinking when you know it’s dangerous for you but you can’t stop because you’re addicted.

It’s too late, you’re addicted to it like it’s a drug. Like it’s life support when you obviously know it’s not. It’s more of a lethal injection disguised as life support. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It runs through your arteries, it’s filling your bathtub, it’s slowly drowning you in your own house. It’s the feeling of VANISHING FROM EXISTENCE BY THE MINUTE when you DO, IN FACT, EXIST AND CONTINUE TO BE RECOGNIZED BY OTHERS FOR YOUR TALENTS AND KINDNESS WHETHER YOU’RE AWARE OR NOT.

It’s the river current you’ve fallen into
But instead of trying to cling onto a branch
You purposely drowned
And let it take your own life.

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A Minimalist, Maximally Imaginative Geometric Allegory for the Essence of Friendship and Creativity - Wednesday by Anne Bertier

What a circle and a square can teach us about empathy, collaboration, and the origin of great ideas.

One of the cutest abstract minimalist storybook I've ever seen & I wanna get a copy of it bc sheer cuteness

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