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July 07 2015

July 03 2014



13 Signs of A Disengaged Employee [Infographic] (c) Officevibe

Via: Entrepreneur

Complaining, gossiping and lying are just a few of the worst traits of disengaged employees.

Everyone has worked with a disengaged employee or coworker at one time. They’re easy to spot once you chat with them for a few minutes: they just don’t care about whether the company succeeds or fails. Instead of helping your business grow, they’re dragging it down.

Officevibe, a company…

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March 16 2014


May 09 2013



to any normal person, this is a delicious burger

to a five guys employee however, it’s a disaster

i’m never going to be allowed to look at a burger like a normal human being ever again, am i

This is why we should respect people who work in fast food restaurants
(Source: driveoncmyk)

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November 23 2012



The documentation of a fandom-wide breakdown

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October 20 2012

2001 cab9 500
Meanwhile in Ukraine post-office
(via 9GAG)
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September 03 2011

These Are The Flaws Google Looks For When It Wants To Fire People

Google chairman Eric Schmidt and former svp/product management Jonathan Rosenberg were in London recently to promote their new book “How Google Works.” We attended a conversation about the book and told you what they look for when hiring new people at the company.

But sometimes Google needs to get rid of people too, especially when a staffer isn’t a good fit with the company. In a chat about Google’s internal management techniques, Rosenberg said that the company was constantly on the lookout for “knaves.” Knaves are employees that are so annoying or ill-willed that they drive away the good employees. Too many knaves can cripple a company, Rosenberg says, so preventing high levels of “knave density” — the level of bad employees concentrated in any one team — is crucial. “If you get more than a few of these knaves, people don’t want to come to work in the morning”, he said.

So what does a knave look like?

Knaves “lie, cheat, steal, and take credit for other people’s work”, Rosenberg said. He also said that knaves “leak, cheat, lie and steal”.


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