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November 10 2013

What did you dream about last night?

some fucking scary shit that I refuse to remember anymore. it all started with me and the family walking in the streets of suburban Jakarta or something but then I got lost and I had to take a subway train and there were demons and some tried to kidnap and possess me and I had to constantly read the Ayat Kursi to repel them, only problem is the demons already caught my face and I couldn't read the verses properly. 

the worst thing about it is that this is a recurring dream, only with different situations each dream, but it's always me being almost possessed. 

Just the other night I had a dream my brother was seeing an online friend of mine. Apparently theyve been secretly dating. I was gonna surprise n congratulate ythem but they were in a hospital and when i arrived in one ward my friend was there but not my brpther idk why.
And then the next scene moved on to judging and identifying the personalities of people based on their appearances. I don't remember what happened earlier but in the end we looked at an ugly-ish guy with neck-length hair and a thick erect mustache, and someone identified him as "the person who does not give a fuck at all" and we see more photos of him loitering and smoking here and there on the street. This guy does not give a fuck. At all.

What did you dream about last night?

I was gonna tell you a dream I had the night before.

So I was best friends with these two guys, I don't know how or why I came to be bffs with them. One day one guy found an old trash dump and thinking of recycling it. Weirdly the trash can was painted black with two vermillion red stripes across, like a racecar.
One guy decided to turn it into a urinal and he peed in it. I and the other guy laughed.

And the next day I felt like I need to poop so I pooped in the same trash can urinal. Then the two guys suddenly came in the room and saw me pooping in the trash can. They laughed their asses off.
One of them said "dude, your sister is totally killing me!" to which the other guy replied, "she's not my sister. We go way back so we treat each other like siblings". Seems like I knew one of them way more than the other.

And in another scene, I was in a wedding dress, apparently getting married. The two guys were my best men. Yes, BEST MEN, all at once. They took pictures of me in the dress and asked me to do a shocked pose. Then one guy edited the shocked expression of me in some app and laughed his ass off. I turned to look at his laptop screen and found out he's added shock spikes to the pictures, and the hilarious thing is, EVEN THE SHOCK SPIKE HAS ITS OWN SHOCK SPIKE. The picture is right here.

September 10 2013


August 14 2013




So I saw some gifs and decided to fix them.

it makes me happy that at least one of them is dream-building

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August 13 2013

Really? Then how come I've read in my dreams before?
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August 10 2013

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@myoo89's dream. it's kinda long so i need to screencap everything
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May 27 2013

May 22 2013

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If you feel the need to share your state of health with friends on Soup... then you might as well do it with a degree of creativity.

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February 28 2013

I get this sometimes & thought it was Inception
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January 20 2013


January 17 2013

MLP 4Koma-39.
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November 05 2012

We can make Mars like Earth and live there. On a new planet. We can rocket to another world and build. Cities. Other rocket ships. We’ll— are you listening to me? Are you hearing the words that I’m saying? Why are you not excited about this?

What I have discovered is: ... The philosophical root of objection to Mars is not concerned with Mars at all. People who stand opposed to Mars think we sort of suck.

A love of Mars is a belief in humanity’s potential, and destiny. ... We may think people are good or [not], but we uniformly believe that people have the potential to be amazing. We tend to forgive ourselves our distant pasts completely, to only concern ourselves with the present occasionally, and to dream about the future relentlessly.

This is the story that Icarus told and the Wright Brothers fixed. We may not be a creature made to fly, but we are something far greater. We are a creature made to dream. We are a creature made to become whatever we want to become. ... We have work to do.
On Being Martian | Michael Solana (via enki)
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October 31 2012


October 06 2012


on the basis of THIS (adventure time <3

Well~A sweet dream~ ;D

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August 16 2012

If you could dream one thing about Foster The People, how would the story go?

The dream starts when I just bought a new pair of green hot pants for no reason. Said hot pants has an "I DO WHAT I WANT" writing on its left butt cheek. Suddenly a talking dog asked me to follow him to the men's bathroom for no reason. I followed him anyway and ended up in one of the cubicles. I got out and checked my face on the mirror, washed my hands & suddenly wearing the green hot pants I just bought. The dog transformed into Cubbie Fink, suddenly on the front door, laughing & snorting & said "Nice ass, GOD of PRANKS!" I got embarassed & ran back towards the cubicle, but it wasnt empty anymore. Instead, there he was, Mark Foster, taking a massive dump. His pants was down & he was wearing only socks on his feet. I grabbed the hose next to him & suddenly changed into a golden scepter. I blasted open a hole in the wall and escaped the men's bathroom through it but Mark Foster (now with pants) & Cubbie Fink were blocking me, along with Mark Pontius now. They tried smashing me with their keyboard, guitar, & drums and I blocked them with my scepter... which turned into a huge chicken drumstick. And then I said "hey boys, I cant finish this alone, let's eat!" & Mark Pontuis was like "GERONIMOOOO" & nommed the first bite. Then the four of us ate the chicken & got fat & burped. The end.

August 07 2012

What is the strangest dream you've ever had?

LOTS. I've got a bunch of good ones. There was a time where I stood on top of a bathroom & saw my sister and her friends changing on a few cubicles, and in an open toilet my dude friend was taking a dump reading a newspaper. And there's that time me & my friends caught a couple in Lady Gaga bad romance outfits secretly having sex behind a red curtain before the show. But out of all those dreams nothing went upernatural or extraordinary, just plain nonsense. I never fly.

August 06 2012

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The awkward moment when the cup looks like a lovechild of Cangkir & Kappu
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July 15 2012




Is this some sort of elaborate street art?

this has to be a troll post with an inception-esque method of trolling. By staring at this man's face they'll sure to dream about him that same night.
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July 05 2012

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June 18 2012

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