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April 01 2015

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Tina had a dream where her, Ili & Bryan went to a con & it ended up with Ili pulling her arm off like a mannequin before she woke up

January 25 2015


January 21 2015

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I had a dream last night that Benson from regular show replaced Luna in Sailormoon. What I love about dreams is that you’re never interrupted with “This is stupid”. My brain just rolled with it.

i want 13 seasons of this.

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January 09 2015

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Tina had a dream of zombies in Kiki's Delivery Service

November 25 2014

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I guess we all had dreams of skipping school and rebelling against the world at some point

October 18 2014

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'Mathematical aspirations' by Unearthed Comics

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October 13 2014

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Likaura's dream which I happened to save a screencap
Tags: dream ask.fm

October 11 2014



a random comic about that weird moment in dreams where u think u know a guy but then??? u dont??

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September 28 2014


September 24 2014

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Kamila had two pretty dreams & she wants to draw the vision in a huge sketchbook.

September 20 2014



Thanks for the anxiety dreams, brain.

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September 08 2014


i had a dream last night that i was working at starbucks and steve rogers walked in and ordered an iced americano and i said “one iced americano for the iced americano" and then i woke myself up by laughing too hard at my own joke

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August 09 2014

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Had this dream due to being introduced to MeowChat & having been playing Mitchiri Neko Mix for a couple of weeks. I still blame Tina.

July 18 2014

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Tina had an Avatar dream & went on explaining about the part I missed from the series.

June 09 2014

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If likaura​ & ilicarriedoll​ ever met...

Sure they love drawing & they have some fandoms in common, and Emily the Strange is one of them.

May 14 2014

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Kamila & I yesterday. From talking about dreams of babies & kittens, to babies & cats in general, to memories of what we miss the most being projected into dreams.

April 28 2014


January 18 2014

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Imagine a 30STM song with THOSE lyrics... it's gonna leave all our jaws hanging and eyes twitching.

January 10 2014

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I had a dream last wednesday night
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January 08 2014




omg guess what i found out today

that falling feeling when you wake up suddenly in bed

is because when you were dropping off you heart rate slowed down too fast so your brain thought you were dying so it tried waking you up immediatly

thank u brain~

No problem, boss.


I should not be on tumblr when I’m high because this was too funny

I shouldn't have been logged on to soup rn hahahahahahahahaha
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