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October 31 2014


October 26 2014


October 18 2014

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Inktober day 16 pt2. tree just outside the restaurant we had lunch in
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Inktober day 16 pt1: the Rain-Filter
It might be useful for areas with acid rain. plus it conducts electricity too from lightning, thats why it's tied to electric poles.
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Inktober day 15: Gerard Way as a charging sheep (with plushie Lola tied to him)
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Inktober day 14: the almighty goat-mermaid Jared Leto

October 09 2014

Inktober day 7: just practicing drawing myself in various art styles... and hairstyles (except for the bald one). Going back to old school Chocoreaper & eating the brains of whomever I envy.

Gravity Falls style ftw
Done in black ballpoint pen, eventhough my phone camera makes it look like it's done in pencil

October 07 2014

Inktober day 5: kid sister with her bugs done in colorful pens
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October 05 2014


October 04 2014


October 01 2014

September 28 2014

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September 21 2014


September 13 2014


September 11 2014

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July 07 2014


June 12 2014


March 03 2014

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February 11 2014

That Sinking Feeling...

One of the two paintings I did yesterday, digitized. Don't know what I'm trying to imply here

Once again Twenty One Pilots' "Kitchen Sink" was on my mind and thus, the sink (that looks like a tub). Oh and the character started out as a random doodle I did after being inspired by Scoop stuff (here's the doodle). Her code name is NVDЯ or NVD-Я, haven't thought of an actual name for her yet. After going to Scoop for the second time I felt like making another book cover, or just a picture, starring her in it.

Man I swear when I first painted this piece traditionally it looked like a hot mess (especially the geometrical shapes & lines)

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December 03 2013

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old avengers doodles from my old sketchbook (minus Iron man & Hulk)

the song playing with Thor clapping his hands on Loki's face is Pok Ame Ame, an Indonesian kids' song & hand-clapping game (well it's not much of a game IMHO, the song's probably more prominent.)
Also, crying Hawkeye is just DFGHJKSSJDHFKD
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