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October 21 2017

si Jun

done in Sketchbook Pro. dang the pen & pencil rendering is realistic af, i couldve submitted this as an Inktober piece

testing out Sketchbook Pro. tired Ribkachu is tired :D
Kristina was like "make her hold something" & I randomly drew a spear.

June 23 2015


June 02 2015

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cat made out of one continuous line (almost) 

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ever articulate

May 21 2015

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April 08 2015

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“Why don’t you let people see your sketchbook?”

Imagine this running up the stairs saving Fiona instead of the real Shrek.

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April 01 2015

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Tina just told me she had Viber last night... and since theres this doodle feature just like Rocketalk, we DOODLED ALL NIGHT :B

posted the separate doodles on tumblr

November 13 2014

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derp herp ermagerd bermerks

November 12 2014

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10 likes = 10 likes? :)
I have nothing to say about that (cuz i'm not into likes) so here's a semi-detailed doodle of your question.

November 03 2014

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current emotion: lumpy bird drawn with touchpad on ms paint at midnight

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October 03 2014

Day 2, Inktober #3: Pomeranian fur burst http://molo.me/p/7tayQI
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a quickie, & first attempt at inktober, using a blue marker. also, i need a haircut.

September 25 2014

a bun with buns
(Source: socalqueenx3)
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September 21 2014


August 15 2014


just a quick doodle :)

some amazing artist who just unwittingly crushed your dreams and entire soul (via toastoat)

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July 14 2014

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It’s been a while since I played this game, and actually forgot how the story goes.
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July 07 2014

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Tina trying out Rocketalk for the first time & we got to send doodles in out chat. Sure Rocketalk doesnt have that much animated stickers (kinda boring & reminds me of MSN Messenger though) but at least we can draw stuff to each other :D

October 31 2013

yet again another portrait attempt based on a photo reference from the internet - Twitpic

October 14 2013

Say Something, Be Heard.
Decided to make something on pen and paper while my tablet broke.
Wanted to make one of those old doodles I used to do, but the base idea that came out of my head randomly was so common. Cliche overused idea is cliche. Also, I seem to have a thing with speech bubbles. Or maybe I was just redoing one of my doodles from Recycle Dump #23

Some parts in here are bluish cuz last night (yeah I just started last night) I couldnt find a black pen. Decreased the saturation in Photoshop. Done.
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