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March 24 2019


And some love for Hazel & ChaCha i guess... Back when the comics came out i never drew fanart of them cuz i only read The Apocalypse Suite, n they first appeared in Dallas. So i guess this is the first time i draw them.

P.s. for those who don't see it yet, Hazel's thumbs are in the donut holes
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November 25 2014

(source: flickr, via thebaristabar)
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November 01 2014



steven universe. =’)

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September 29 2014




I’m back in classes now so unfortunately I havent had as much time to post things on here. I’m trying though, please accept these donuts as an apology! <3

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September 27 2014




2,400 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Perfect for EVERY occasion 

The donut chain created the special ‘Double Hundred Dozen’ as part of its new ‘Occasions’ offering which caters to large scale events and parties. 

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August 26 2014



This legitimately upsets me.


… Y’see, now, y’see, I’m looking at this, thinking, squares fit together better than circles, so, say, if you wanted a box of donuts, a full box, you could probably fit more square donuts in than circle donuts if the circumference of the circle touched the each of the corners of the square donut.

So you might end up with more donuts.

But then I also think… Does the square or round donut have a greater donut volume? Is the number of donuts better than the entire donut mass as a whole?




A round donut with radius R1occupies the same space as a square donut with side 2R1. If the center circle of a round donut has a radius R2 and the hole of a square donut has a side 2R2, then the area of a round donut is πR12 - πr22. The area of a square donut would be then 4R12 - 4R22. This doesn’t say much, but in general and  throwing numbers, a full box of square donuts has more donut per donut than a full box of round donuts.

The interesting thing is knowing exactly how much more donut per donut we have. Assuming first a small center hole (R2 = R1/4) and replacing in the proper expressions, we have a 27,6% more donut in the square one (Round: 15πR12/16 ≃ 2,94R12, square: 15R12/4 = 3,75R12). Now, assuming a large center hole (R2 = 3R1/4) we have a 27,7% more donut in the square one (Round: 7πR12/16 ≃ 1,37R12, square: 7R12/4 = 1,75R12). This tells us that, approximately, we’ll have a 27% bigger donut if it’s square than if it’s round.

tl;dr: Square donuts have a 27% more donut per donut in the same space as a round one.





god i love this site

can’t argue with science. Heretofore, I want my donuts square.

more donut per donut

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March 14 2013


February 09 2013


November 18 2012

Cat donuts
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October 16 2012

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Marvel One-Shot: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer
Nothing gets between Agent Coulson & his donuts.
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April 23 2012


March 07 2012


November 07 2011

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October 19 2011


September 29 2011

Food as breast implants: rainbow lollipop vs pink frosted sprinkly donuts

February 04 2011

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