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July 09 2014




So I’ve got an actual fan question up for debate tonight instead of just pushing that project again:

In ‘Doctor Doctor’, Adakias knows “how this must go” when the doctor asks for payment. Do you think his family/he personally had met up with/had to deal with Doctor Dumaya previously?

I don’t think it was specifically the Doctor, no. I think he was saying it more generally, like “I know how the people of the Dark are; there’s no reasoning with him.”

December 03 2012


November 14 2011

"This is my dream role. XD Seriously, if there was ever a stage version of Razia’s Shadow. This is who I’d want to be."

ME TOO. Dammit the Doctor's song is the 1st RS song that I memorized over & over D:

October 10 2011

September 27 2011

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Did this on my Milo notepad... I was bored haha :P
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September 10 2011

August 22 2011


August 12 2011

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Doctor Dumaya meets the TARDIS
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July 31 2011

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It's either the nurse uniform or the spider mascot...

July 16 2011

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Doctor Dumaya Doodle Dump
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Introducing the Doctor Dumaya ice-cream

June 26 2011

RS - A Doctor Dumaya comic
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June 21 2011

May 28 2011

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