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July 23 2014

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i’m feeling sick

this fucked me up

(via husstiel)

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May 04 2014



I know it’s trendy to fight the system and cry that we are all becoming slaves of technology, but this attitude overlooks that computers and phones are tools for communicating. When someone thinks I’m an idiot smiling at a machine, I’m actually smiling at my girlfriend who is 10000 miles away and whom I would have never met if not for these newfangled electronics. As they say: when the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while now; much credit to this excellent post for bringing it to the front of my brain.

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March 17 2014

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Does Disney even plan on doing this kind of stuff or do they just make little hints and stuff and let us connect the pieces?


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May 05 2012



“The reason why I think the distances between fans and us is really important is because when I was young, I was very glad that my favorite artist touched me on the stage. I will never forget that feeling in my life, so i want to make my fans feel the same as much as possible.” -Kwon Jiyong

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January 31 2012


October 14 2011

Eye of the Storm by driflooning
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February 02 2011

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