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June 10 2015

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This shit just set me off. I saw it on instagram and apparently people think it’s funny.

Just so you know, when it comes to girls who have acne that wear foundation, we know very well that it doesn’t just magically make our acne disappear. We know damn well that you can still pick out the freaking bumps on our face. WE KNOW THIS.




most guys look like somebody threw a pizza against a wall so idk why they talking shit

omg but the last comment

May 25 2015

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Racism in brunei


YO, this is disgusting as fuck. As a Muslim, I was taught to fight for justice for everybody and to protect every person from any form of oppression regardless of their religion, ability, or gender. I was never told—in my reading of religious text—to only save Muslims. Islam has taught me kindness and cooperation with others. It has taught me peace not just with myself, but with others. Islam never taught people that democracy is wrong or elections is not a part of Islamic political system. Islam never taught people that political representation should only be from Muslims. Whoever has been telling you that is feeding you lies and would rather numb you than allow you to participate because being Muslim means being actively engaged.

What the person on the picture is saying that their values is one that is spineless and lazy, and that the status quo is benefiting them the most; hence, speaking for it with the blind eye is the right thing to do—because the government rubbed my back, so you should rub the government’s penis back, right?

Also, Malay-Muslims are not first class citizens in Brunei. They are second class citizens too. Everyone is second class.


Exactly ! Even my muslim friends said that but most of the elder generations here are fucked up. The elder generations actually WANT to stone the gays and think that the other religions should get out of brunei. There was one comment that said “chinese people should shut up and accept the syariah law or else they’ll kidnap the chinese minister in Brunei and burn him.” LIKE WHAT. I even had a teacher that told me to keep my mouth shut if I didn’t agree with Brunei and to just get out of Brunei and return back to China. Cause I’m chinese. I’M A CITIZEN TO BRUNEI. I’ve never even been to China. I just hope that the next generation, my generation, will be better than the last :(. So far my friends are really awesome they’re really nice and understanding. :)


I remember my deeply visceral response–literally feeling like throwing up–when I first came across posts like these on various Facebook pages. I have since then developed a somewhat tougher exterior against such personalized prejudice, but only because I had to. The truth is the hurt that arises from this kind of hatred is always fresh and always potent–and I suspect this will be the case for the longest time–so if I had not will myself against the barrage (yes, barrage) of hateful viewpoints, I would be crushed long ago.

In retrospect, my nausea at my first-ever-seen clearly-articulated written statement of my status as beneath my Malay brothers and sisters is silly in a sense. The thing is: I have always known. I have been raised up to believe I am indeed a second-class citizen, and to accept this fact, and nobody even had to say a word about this to me. It was clear from my process of growing up, from my day-to-day routines and interactions, from all my life, that I, for one reason or the other, simply have less rights than the Malay everyman/woman. Legislated rights and rights beyond the scope of law both.

I have learned that more people than I had ever imagined harbor ideas like those pictured above. Social media is amazing and devastating in this regard. Common extension of the discrimination: “If you don’t like it here, leave.” If I have days, I could point out the logical flaws and practical stupidity of the ideas pictured above or the rather ubiquitous demand for unhappy non-Malays to leave the country. I do not have days however, and will only point out that even more worrying than the lack of rationality among certain Bruneians is the lack of empathy and kindness and humanity. I pray for our survival.

Also racism and bad grammar go well together
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May 24 2015

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Just a reminder that the LGBT community isn’t some magical place where everyone is accepted. 

Because life is all “me, me, me!!!!” for these people.

It’s sad to see so many in the so-called “LGBT community” being so shallow and judgmental. It’s almost like a racist being a pig and then someone pointing out their Asian friend and them saying “Yeah, but they’re different, I know them!”

As a followup to last week’s comments about homophobia, and as a reminder that phobias are not exclusive to a certain subgroup (say, heteros). Reading the tweets above is comically sad. Replace “bi” with “gay”, and see that the rhetoric is exactly the same.

This does not excuse the rhetoric of homophobes though. Rather, this is a reminder that no one is blameless. We all need to work to get rid of our stereotypes and prejudices. Racism, sexism and all types of segregations are not unidirectional phenomenons. 

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December 20 2014


So this dude just won. 

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July 17 2014

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when straight people talk to gays

way to derail. actually. when able bodied people talk to disabled people.

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July 16 2014


It is complicated being Filipino


After seeing several submissions from fellow Filipinos, I thought I’d share my own experience growing up Filipino in America. Some of this may become ranty and incoherent, but hopefully I can reach those of you who have experienced something similar or at least can relate.

I remember when a Korean-American classmate in my orchestra class asked from what country in Asia my family came from. Of course, I said that I’m from the Philippines.

Lo and behold! His treatment of me changed from pleasant to utmost disdain. At the time, I did not understand why he suddenly didn’t want to interact with me anymore.

You see, back then (this was when I as 14/15 years old), I was very naïve and I thought Filipinos are just as Asian as all other Asians. I thought this way because both my parents instilled in me that we ARE Asians because of language, cultural, and political influence.

I did not know about the unspoken hierarchy that Filipinos were at the bottom of the Asian Hierarchy. Or were seen as “the wrong kind of Asian.”

And so, I wanted to really make friends with the other Asians at school, but I was often frustrated and ended up becoming a loner because I was often told these things:

“You’re too dark to be Asian.”

“You’re Pacific Islander because Philippines is an archipelago.”

“Your people do not have a clear cultural identity.”

“Filipinos are ‘Hispanic’ because they were colonized by Spain.”


Well, it did not end there. The worst part was when it came to dating and I saw my Asian-American schoolmates dating fellow Asians (most of the ones who dated their fellow Asian Americans were the pale-skinned ones) and/or white people. 

I thought, “If they can date other Asians or white people, so can I!”

I was wrong.

So very wrong.

As a matter of fact, these guys, whether they were white or Asian American, won’t even look at me or see me as someone attractive, interesting, funny, and intelligent because all they saw is this dark-skinned girl from the Philippines.

At first, I couldn’t articulate why I was always felt so frustrated and dismissed or just seen as a place holder until they get their “Dream Asian Girl.”

Japanese girls were always at the top. Chinese and Korean girls were always a close second.

But I noticed Filipino girls were always some kind of “consolation prize” for these guys who can’t get a girl from the “East Asian Trifecta.”

Then it dawned on me that this is happening because I’m the “wrong” kind of Asian.  I do not belong in the hierarchy that was established by whatever powers that may be out there.

I completely resented it. And for the longest time, I hated being Filipino because my heritage is always the butt of jokes!

That routine from Donald Glover didn’t help:http://thisisnotpinoy.tumblr.com/post/32867024237

What Lucy Liu said on the David Letterman Showhttp://youtu.be/s5NCE71wV5s  didn’t help.

Why is being Filipino such a bad thing? Why is having a deep tan such a bad thing?

Why is having dark skin disqualifies Filipinos from being Asian?

Why is it so bad? Why do people hate us so much? Why do people not want us?

Even our own selves; we hate ourselves.

Growing up in the Philippines, the media that I saw had fair-skinned movie stars, news casters, and models. There were some dark-skinned actresses but they were few and far in between or they’re often type-casted as the punchline for the fair-skinned protagonist.

Then there’s an abundance of skin whitening products! How can we escape from this madness when we are deeply mired by our own self-hate?

I even hate myself to the point where I do not go outside in the sun, slather SPF100 and wear big sun hats so that I won’t become “too dark.”  I am also very guilty of being flattered when relatives tell me “Oh, you’ve become so fair-skinned, you’re so pretty!”

I’m a full-grown woman now but I still find myself being petty about not disclosing my cultural background to people and doing my best to look East Asian as much as possible.

And going back to interacting with white people, they just see Filipinos as “good servants.” Is that how we all are? We just exist to merely serve?

I’ve encountered the question “No, where are you REALLY from?” followed up by a mangled version of some Tagalog phrase they try to use on me to impress me?!

Oh, here’s another “classic” pick up line from white men. They’d tell me they were stationed in the Philippines for quite a few years and talk about how the hospitality of the people and how “docile and submissive” Filipino women are. Then they would even go as far as talk about how they were offered a Filipino bride to take home to America!

That truly annoys me to the Nth degree!

It’s really irritating, frustrating, and tiring battling my own self-hate, discrimination from white people, and then discrimination from fellow Asians.

It is really complicated, being Filipino. I see myself and identify myself as an autonomous Human Being and yet I am always reduced to a caricature of my culture and heritage—not just by other people, but by my own self, too.

It’s not just Southeast Asians being discriminated by East Asians.
Sometimes among Southeast Asians themselves. I’ve seen Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indonesians and Bruneians constantly looking down upon each other and making racist remarks at each other, behind their backs or publicly online. Sad to see Southeast Asians themselves still hate people that are “the other kind of southeast asian”.

November 04 2012

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The US has publicly declared it will fight discrimination against LGBT people abroad ("one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time") by using foreign aid and diplomacy to encourage reform. "Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality", said Hillary Clinton in Geneva.
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January 16 2012

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