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February 05 2019

A thought i had of a conversation with someone. Poured into a little comic because I felt like it.
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April 13 2015


things said in majority of movies:

  • “she’s not just some girl!”
  • “I should have told you this a long time ago.”
  • “I’m not a little girl anymore!!”
  • “but I love him!!”


-“You’re giving up your dream!”
  “No dad, I’m giving up YOUR dream.”


“I knew your father. He was a good man.”


*girl walks downstairs*

Guy: Wow… you look… great.


Thats an entire movie right there

Is this High School Musical
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January 04 2015


Me: Mom I don’t think I am getting any better, I still feel sick…


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December 11 2014




Writing in my brain: Beautiful flowing sentences full of powerful phrases and enigmatically witty dialogue. 

Writing on the page: They did the thing and said some stuff. There was snark. 


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November 28 2014



this whole exchange was golden

there should be more of the porn those two described irl
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November 26 2014









[sleep-over voice] are you awake

[sleep-over reply voice] yeah

[regrettable sleepover invitee voice] you guys SHH

[confused sleep-over voice] what is the meaning of life

[annoyed sleep-over voice] dude shut up

[sleep-over host voice] you guys be quiet my moms gonna hear us

[unknown voice] you kids wanna buy some drugs

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November 05 2014








has been opened


don’t worry i’ve got this

no fuck you 

can someone help me rn


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October 06 2014

Drama Teacher: Class, this week we're taking on Greek Mytho-
Me: *grabs wax wings outta nowhere* MY BODY IS READY
Science teacher: Can anyone tell me what is the temperature in the Sun?
Me: *grabs wax wings outta nowhere* Be right back
Me: *le drowning*
Swimming coach: Wax wings melt in the sun you dead fish
Me: *sings My Chemical Romance's "This Is How I Disappear"*

October 05 2014



good cop: it’s okay, just tell us what happened
bad cop: why the hell would you rob a bank? you’re an idiot. see u in court
dad cop: i’m not mad. just disappointed

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August 02 2014

4617 6590 500


From contemporary syntax to human language’s deep origins

On the island of Java, in Indonesia, the silvery gibbon, an endangered primate, lives in the rainforests. In a behavior that’s unusual for a primate, the silvery gibbon sings: It can vocalize long, complicated songs, using 14 different note types, that signal territory and send messages to potential mates and family.

Far from being a mere curiosity, the silvery gibbon may hold clues to the development of language in humans. In a newly published paper, two MIT professors assert that by re-examining contemporary human language, we can see indications of how human communication could have evolved from the systems underlying the older communication modes of birds and other primates.

From birds, the researchers say, we derived the melodic part of our language, and from other primates, the pragmatic, content-carrying parts of speech. Sometime within the last 100,000 years, those capacities fused into roughly the form of human language that we know today.

But how? Other animals, it appears, have finite sets of things they can express; human language is unique in allowing for an infinite set of new meanings. What allowed unbounded human language to evolve from bounded language systems?

“How did human language arise? It’s far enough in the past that we can’t just go back and figure it out directly,” says linguist Shigeru Miyagawa, the Kochi-Manjiro Professor of Japanese Language and Culture at MIT. “The best we can do is come up with a theory that is broadly compatible with what we know about human language and other similar systems in nature.”

Specifically, Miyagawa and his co-authors think that some apparently infinite qualities of modern human language, when reanalyzed, actually display the finite qualities of languages of other animals — meaning that human communication is more similar to that of other animals than we generally realized.

“Yes, human language is unique, but if you take it apart in the right way, the two parts we identify are in fact of a finite state,” Miyagawa says. “Those two components have antecedents in the animal world. According to our hypothesis, they came together uniquely in human language.”

Introducing the ‘integration hypothesis’

The current paper, “The Integration Hypothesis of Human Language Evolution and the Nature of Contemporary Languages,” is published this week in Frontiers in Psychology. The authors are Miyagawa; Robert Berwick, a professor of computational linguistics and computer science and engineering in MIT’s Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems; and Shiro Ojima and Kazuo Okanoya, scholars at the University of Tokyo.

The paper’s conclusions build on past work by Miyagawa, which holds that human language consists of two distinct layers: the expressive layer, which relates to the mutable structure of sentences, and the lexical layer, where the core content of a sentence resides. That idea, in turn, is based on previous work by linguistics scholars including Noam Chomsky, Kenneth Hale, and Samuel Jay Keyser.

The expressive layer and lexical layer have antecedents, the researchers believe, in the languages of birds and other mammals, respectively. For instance, in another paper published last year, Miyagawa, Berwick, and Okanoya presented a broader case for the connection between the expressive layer of human language and birdsong, including similarities in melody and range of beat patterns.

Birds, however, have a limited number of melodies they can sing or recombine, and nonhuman primates have a limited number of sounds they make with particular meanings. That would seem to present a challenge to the idea that human language could have derived from those modes of communication, given the seemingly infinite expression possibilities of humans.

But the researchers think certain parts of human language actually reveal finite-state operations that may be linked to our ancestral past. Consider a linguistic phenomenon known as “discontiguous word formation,” which involve sequences formed using the prefix “anti,” such as “antimissile missile,” or “anti-antimissile missile missile,” and so on. Some linguists have argued that this kind of construction reveals the infinite nature of human language, since the term “antimissile” can continually be embedded in the middle of the phrase.

However, as the researchers state in the new paper, “This is not the correct analysis.” The word “antimissile” is actually a modifier, meaning that as the phrase grows larger, “each successive expansion forms via strict adjacency.” That means the construction consists of discrete units of language. In this case and others, Miyagawa says, humans use “finite-state” components to build out their communications.

The complexity of such language formations, Berwick observes, “doesn’t occur in birdsong, and doesn’t occur anywhere else, as far as we can tell, in the rest of the animal kingdom.” Indeed, he adds, “As we find more evidence that other animals don’t seem to posses this kind of system, it bolsters our case for saying these two elements were brought together in humans.”

An inherent capacity

To be sure, the researchers acknowledge, their hypothesis is a work in progress. After all, Charles Darwin and others have explored the connection between birdsong and human language. Now, Miyagawa says, the researchers think that “the relationship is between birdsong and the expression system,” with the lexical component of language having come from primates. Indeed, as the paper notes, the most recent common ancestor between birds and humans appears to have existed about 300 million years ago, so there would almost have to be an indirect connection via older primates — even possibly the silvery gibbon.

As Berwick notes, researchers are still exploring how these two modes could have merged in humans, but the general concept of new functions developing from existing building blocks is a familiar one in evolution.

“You have these two pieces,” Berwick says. “You put them together and something novel emerges. We can’t go back with a time machine and see what happened, but we think that’s the basic story we’re seeing with language.”

Andrea Moro, a linguist at the Institute for Advanced Study IUSS, in Pavia, Italy, says the current paper provides a useful way of thinking about how human language may be a synthesis of other communication forms.

“It must be the case that this integration or synthesis [developed] from some evolutionary and functional processes that are still beyond our understanding,” says Moro, who edited the article. “The authors of the paper, though, provide an extremely interesting clue at the formal level.”

Indeed, Moro adds, he thinks the researchers are “essentially correct” about the existence of finite elements in human language, adding, “Interestingly, many of them involve the morphological level — that is, the level of composition of words from morphemes, rather than the sentence level.”

Miyagawa acknowledges that research and discussion in the field will continue, but says he hopes colleagues will engage with the integration hypothesis.

“It’s worthy of being considered, and then potentially challenged,” Miyagawa says.

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July 22 2014




cop: who the hell ordered all these pizzas

me: you said i got one phone call


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June 26 2014



Overheard in the halls of Hogwarts [2/4] inspired by x


Overheard in the halls of Hogwarts [4/4] Inspired by x

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June 06 2014

  • Bully: You're despicable & insignificant, just like that stringy bit in a banana
  • Me: Well I guess you're implying that I'd end up thrown away while you're the banana's inside, which will get eaten. I'd rather hang out in the trash than being digested and turned to shit like you will.
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May 27 2014

  • Cop: Scuse me ma'am but do you know how fast you were go-
  • Me: No officer, i CAN draw gay characters! What i can't draw is two straight characters depicted as gay and vice versa.

  • Junk mail:Is Your Penis Small?
  • Me:yeah it is small, thas cuz it's supposed to bE A CLITORIS YOU JUNK MAIL SONOFABITCH

March 19 2014


October 17 2013


August 14 2013


Karkat, Thor, And Loki Walk Into A Bar…

(A con is going on nearby, and the fast food joint is full of people in cosplay. A rather attractive woman—dressed as a cheerleader with a pink chainsaw—leaves the building with her friends. They are whistled at by two rowdy customers entering.)

Customer #1: “Hey dude, check out all these freaks in here!”

Customer #2: “Oh, God! They’re everywhere! F****** freaks.”

Customer #1: *to a male cosplayer in front of him* “Oi mate, what the f*** are you supposed to be?”

Male Cosplayer #1: “M-me? I’m ‘Karkat’ from Homestuck.”

Customer #1: “Well, you look like a joke. What the f*** are those on your head?”

(The customer flicks the orange horns clipped to the cosplayer’s hair.)

Male Cosplayer #1: “Please don’t do that; I made these myself and I don’t want them to break.”

Customer #2: “You hear that? The little freak made his own horns! Ah, I guess it’s not all bad though; did you see that chick before with the massive rack?”

Customer #1: “I know, you don’t see hot cheerleaders everyday. She’s totally going to get it off me later.”

Customer #2: “Yeah, we’ll find her and give it to her good. I’m going to squeeze those t*** of her so hard.”

Male Cosplayer #1: “Can you please stop?! It’s really degrading to talk about women like that.”

(The whole restaurant goes quiet, and they turn to the rowdy customers.)

Customer #1: “If the slag didn’t want it, should wouldn’t have them hanging out.”

Male Cosplayer #1: “She was in costume! Besides, what does it matter how she was dressed? Clothing isn’t an invitation.”

Customer #2: “Do you want to take this outside?”

(Just then, another male customer in the corner, who also happens to be a cosplayer, speaks up.)

Male Cosplayer #2: “If you fight him, you have to fight me first!”

Customer #2: “Who said that?”

(Male Cosplayer #2 stands up to reveal he is well over 6 ft tall, and very muscular, but in costume too.)

Male Cosplayer #2: “I am Thor, Son of Odin, God of Thunder, who commands the Lightning and the Storm!”

(At that moment, a third cosplayer stands up, revealing he too is very tall and muscular.)

Male Cosplayer #3: “And I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose… to defend women from sexist pigs like you, and defend people’s right to cosplay!”

(The two rowdy customers quickly remove themselves from the restaurant, while Karkat, Thor and Loki receive a round of applause.)

(source: notalwaysright.com)
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April 23 2012


November 19 2011


September 06 2011

My original status on facebook :
12 years ago, on my birthday everyone gave me typical gifts like diary books, drawing books, color pencils and gel pens cuz they know me as that kid who likes writing and drawing. A month later, my friend gets a MUTHATRUCKIN' PAIR OF SHOES WITH SKATES HIDDEN UNDERNEATH THE SOLES.
They were 'in' in the 2000's and I wanted one badly. So bad that I had to pretend that the shoes I'm wearing have wheels in them and slid with them on school grounds until the back soles wear out. So badly that I actually drew a comic about magic pills that can gave you whatever you want and cure one's envy, which I used to get those roller-skates/shoes and show off in front of that said friend whom I envied.
It's 2014 now and I'm afraid this whole incident would repeat all over again. Except it might not be necessarily swiss-army-knife-roller-skates.

Tina: daaaaw

Me: everyone remembered me as "that kid that likes to draw and stuff & never asked for cool stuff" *sigh*

Tina: but you do want cool stuffs

Me: I KNOW. Thats what everyone else back in my class never realize! ugh.
i actually naturally don't want cool stuff, BUT when someone else gets a cool stuff I automatically will try hard to get the same cool stuff because I'm a muthaflippin' envious copycat like that.

It's like when I get something cool & expensive I go like "aww new man stahpit it's too much" but when someone else gets something cooler Im like "DAMMIT I MUST HAVE THAT". My wants are always triggered by what someone else has.

Tina: one word ra.... GREEEEEEED

Me: NO. Still envy. I am far from greed. Envy just wants what other people have. Greed wants EVERYTHING.

Tina: but u saw smthng cool and u want it... so u want it

Me: no, I saw something cool that is OWNED BY ANOTHER PERSON. So I want it. if I saw something cool in the store I won't necessarily want it

Tina: same thing u know.. but then again, depends on what kind of stuffs u see owned by someone else right?

Me: not at all, theres a line & it's not even a fine line.
Imagine you go to a store & you see iPhones & Samsung Galaxy phones along with other brands. You want to buy them all. YOU WANT TO OWWWWWN THEM ALL.


Imagine you go to a store & see all these phones & said "eh, I still have my HTC chacha" but Kevin walks in with his Sony Xperia Z2 and you saw his Z2, and YOU WANT his Z2 so you wanna buy another Z2 from the shop. Just the Z2 and not everything else because you want to have a Z2 just like his.

God Tina I need to teach you more about the seven deadly sins description

Tina: Lawyered by Rara

Me: you just been Rara'd

Kevin: Justice is Served.
Lets call it Envreed. The borderline of Envy and Greed.

Me: Envreed sounds like a handsome name

Tina: I approve Envreed

Kevin: Aw yiss

Me: "and jealousy's the cousin, the cousin of greed" - Cute is What We Aim For's song 'The Curse of Curves... but they say jealousy tho not envy

Tina: i suddenly smell KFC... wat?

Me: Someone brought KFC inside the hostel maybeh

Kevin: Tina is awakening her "N" Genes

Me: i hope someone brought a watermelon along with them

Tina: i want papayas

Me: we should chop watermelon n papaya & top it with squeez-cheese & eat it like cheap-ass fruit salad

Tina: I prefer raw papayas

Kevin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXDPb3kdcdA

Me: dafuq did I just watch?

Kevin: Watermelons!

Tina: its night and u make m watch this?

Kevin: Don't worry, no watermelons gonna assault you at night.

Me: But slenderman's fart will

Tina: LOL


Tina: Sian Slendy

Me: Kembung gara-gara masuk angin

Tina: tu la, berdiri lagi di hutan malam2

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