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July 16 2014



Hello! I know this is a departure from your usual programming but I hope it makes your day! I am an african-american actress, writer and producer in LA. I have recently debuted my web series about five girls who mysteriously get powers and have to learn to deal wit them and each other. It’s an ALL poc cast featuring Vyvy Nguyen as one of our wickedest witches!

I hope you enjoy! If you do please share with the community!

All the best!

July 18 2013

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What is Déjà vu? - Vsauce

November 02 2012


I’d never heard of déjà vécu before, but according to this article from the New York Times magazine, it’s an especially intense and/or recurring version of déjà vu. Déjà vu (already seen) is an odd sensation of recognition for a situation that in fact is novel; people generally know that the feeling is inaccurate and that they haven’t really been there before. In déjà vécu (already experienced), people can’t tell that a situation is new; they believe they are reliving a familiar experience. (It got me started wondering about how we do tell the difference between a real memory and déjà vu, or between dreams and reality.) The article talks about memory in general and its relationship to consciousness, summarizes the theories about why déjà vu happens, and discusses what’s different about déjà vécu. I was struck by the description of déjà vu:

Occurring at seemingly random times, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes, it often comes with a feeling of approaching premonition. Not only does the situation feel familiar, but a vision of the future also seems just beyond the searchlights of your conscious mind.

I hadn’t heard much about that feeling of being just on the verge of seeing the future, but I’ve felt it, and this seemed an uncommonly apt description of it. I have felt that if I could just remember a bit more, I’d know how things will turn out, or what will happen next. It’s an uncanny sensation–one of the stranger aspects of being thinking meat.

So basically, Deja Vecu is an even stronger & more reassuring feeling than Deja Vu? Interesting.
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July 04 2012

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