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June 08 2015


April 08 2015

Please repost if you believe it is perfectly okay and natural for a guy of any age to cry

Satanicblowjobs : Proving a point to my boyfriend

masturbatorsanctum: Oppressing emotions simply results in the creation of dysfunctional individuals. Artificially restricting an individual’s range of emotions leads to an accumulation of dysphoria that can only be resolved, in the end, by a violent emotional explosion. Sadness is not a female thing, violence is not a male thing. Repression of emotions according to sex only results in compromised individuals. Because even if one is forbidden to express some emotions, one still experiences them.

If one is forbidden to cry to vent one’s sadness, what will one do instead ? Hit ? Kill ? Commit suicide ? Stay introvert ? Are these really healthier behaviours ?

So yes, totally : it is perfectly okay and natural for a guy of any age to cry.

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September 07 2014

what do u say to ur sister if she is crying????? are you having a CRISIS 
nevvzealand (via gracieness)
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July 04 2014


on ur period likeimage

January 04 2014

Repost if you've ever cried over the death of a fictional character




all the fandoms

all of them should reblog this


Considering every child ever has cried over the death of Mufasa or Bambi’s mother, it would be a lie not to reblog. 

Finn Hudson….

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December 22 2013

A Haikuish Story just to pass the time without GMM


Once upon a time

Link was cry

But then Rhett bought him a pet Harley Morenstein

And they all lived happily evar bacon



m-r: I love the idea of R&L haikus!

September 18 2013

For me it's the other way round.
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July 17 2013


A thirsty plant will literally cry for help


Scientists have learned that plants do indeed cry out when they need attention.

We just haven’t heard them because the sounds made by a thirsty plant are about five times higher-pitched than we can hear. But scientists with tiny specialized microphones have heard corn plants calling for water. During their study, researchers learned that plants make a great deal of noise. Corn leaves and stalks make noises as they slide against each other during growth. We have all heard the sound of plant leaves rattling in the wind. Corn stalks also make noise as they bend in the wind.

However, another sound was heard when the corn didn’t have enough water. It was a high-pitched popping noise. Plants have water tubes in them that carry water and nutrients up from the roots to the leaves. Water flows up these tubes under tension. When there is not enough water, the tension becomes too great and the tubes fracture. The popping is the sound of those tubes fracturing. The result of fractured tubes is a wilted plant. When water is restored, the tubes refill, the popping noises stop, and the plant again looks healthy.

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July 02 2013


June 30 2013


March 31 2013

(via Myoo89)
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Minato: the fuckin’ name of the fuckin’ Arisato it will be Gettarou Yamada!


Minato: … i know…. T—T ~ 

Why did they have to change his name in the movie T~T
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March 29 2013

9373 552d
The Echelon cares for the Killjoys and their loss
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March 26 2013



things i did today:

  • cried
  • listened to mcr
  • cried while listening to mcr
  • repeat

This sounds like what Sarah might have done..

February 17 2013


When filming Fred’s death, everyone was crying tears as their fake son, brother, and friend died. But as Oliver (George) looked down at his own real brother and real best friend, he started choking on his sobs as he feared, “What if this was real?” After the director called cut, and James (Fred) sat up, Oliver threw his arms around him and cried into James’ shoulder. Everyone stepped away to give them a moment. Through the sobs, however, everyone was able to catch a simple “I love you, James!” James puts his arm around Oliver and squeezed him into a hug. “Good God man, I’m not really dead! But I love you too.” Oliver sniffled. “I know…I just thought…what if you were?” James stayed quiet for a few minutes, before tears fell from his eyes too, imagining what that must feel like. In that moment, the two brothers were never closer. “I love you, Oliver.” James cried hugging Oliver tightly to him. “I love you too, James.” Oliver whimpered back, returning his tight embrace.

So I literally started crying when I first read this on Pinterest and had to post it. And not crying in the fangirl way either. LITERALLY tears started falling from my eyes….it was not a fun moment for me.

(Source: tomhiddles)

I think I didn’t cried this much since the end of the saga… ♥
Can I join you crying at the corner? Thanks.

Well of course, they are REALLY brothers, twins even. No surprises there if they have a deep connection and this kind of thoughts.
But oh the bromance feels
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February 05 2013

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A Love Song, by Cry
Tags: song love cry
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January 08 2013


November 04 2012


October 08 2012


some Bane gifs (c) irosyan
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September 23 2012


Once upon a time

Thor was cry

then Loki bought him a pet Clint Barton

and dey lived happily evar birdseed.

8D de end.

ask-the-odd-couple-from-asgard (when asked for a story with a HAPPY ENDING plz :3)
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