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March 10 2014







I never even



How did they get away with that



What do you mean how did they get away with it?

History isn’t one straight line progressing towards a liberal society.

Look how much Americans attitudes have changed between 1980 and today. 1980 was the first time most very religious people voted, they abstained before that at the behest of their churches. Now they dictate policy at every election.

In my family photo album there are pictures from the 20s of a woman called ‘uncle bob’. She dressed in men’s clothing, and had a ‘companion’. This was a rough industrial town, they were working class, nobody cared. It was her business.

This is why politics is important - the moment you think everything is better today than it was in the past, you let other people take control of the direction society goes in - with you sitting back presuming we’re going forwards.

reposting for the commentary

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August 28 2013




Eddie Izzard on The Project (Australia) [x]

Does this shirt scream VAGINA to you? 

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August 08 2013

It's hard being pretty
drew this a few days before Eid but this is meant to be an Eid comic.

Anyways, what this character is doing is exactly is how i feel when I tried wearing the hijab on my own (cuz usually my sisters help me put it on or i just wore one of those instant hijabs), and not just on Eid, pretty much during any occasion that calls for it.

posted on 1CAK & 9GAG earlier.
Eid Mubarak to all of you who are celebrating :D
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April 23 2012

FML #481631:
"Today, my son said, "Mommy, sometimes my pee-pee goes up like a stick." I replied, "Well, honey, that's normal and okay." I then asked when it happens, to which he said, "Well, sometimes when watching Scooby Doo and Shaggy comes out dressed in lady clothes." FML"
It's true, Shaggy crossdresses sometimes, but I never expected anyone to get turned on by that. Especially when those guys are KIDS.
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November 05 2011

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If he were drunk it'll be a lot funnier XD

But seriously though there is no shame in a man wearing women's clothing. Same goes to a woman wearing men's clothing. No shame.

September 12 2011

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GothLoliPallis & Toba the Tutu (a.k.a. Toballerina) and guess who's being such a paparazza? :D

July 26 2011

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