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July 21 2019

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When the copycat book is more expensive than the original

May 24 2019

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Part 4, and the finale for now (and hopefully not the actual finale cuz I wanna see these two make a comeback again n hopefully they'll try different styles).
I can say I'm pretty proud of this one. Though I like the green & purple forest witch goth phase too, this monochrome & mostly black goth phase is like a breath of fresh air.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

May 22 2019

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Part 3 (which was supposed to be part 2) When these two entered this punk phase their blogs and online stores were still pretty much light pink, so I didnt notice the style change. Ive only found out about them when they're in the witchy goth phase, but they were still very much into bands and photography.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

May 19 2019

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Part two (which was supposed to be part three cuz the larme/punk phase comes first after the lolita phase before this one)
Lovin' this aesthetic a lot cuz it's all green & purple, how refreshing. Initially I wanted to give one of them green hair but eh, since the trees are already green enough why dont I just give em both purple hair? I need more practice drawing trees just as much as I do drawing deers in the previous pic.
Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

May 17 2019

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So yeah I made fanart of this stupid case ive been following... idk, after all that negativity & causing one of them to go on a hiatus, I just felt like drawing something positive over all that negativity.

Just FYI these aren't their current looks anymore and they've both changed aesthetics. I'm just throwing back to a few years ago with the deer park scene, when they still look like this.

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May 01 2019

the Bih Squad is growing

David's original photo was for Status Magazine, but after Justin copied it for a joke & Ethan & Cameron joined in, it officially becomes an inside meme among the Umbrella Academy cast & im scared of how much power this one Justin Min possesses on social media
i can't with Justin Min rn http://www.kwai.com/i/photo/lwx?userId=405338481&photoId=5239243739002418411 
On David Castañeda's original pic Justin commented "You look like a sexy Mexican priest about to lead a prayer. And to that I say Amen" & when Justin posted HIS photo, lots of fans on Twitter & IG commented "you look like a sexy Korean priest about to lead a prayer. And to that I say Amen" 😂 
David only replied "yes I know" to Justin's caption "when you know, you know. Bih." tbh i expected more from you CastañYEETus.

April 28 2019

When you're busy following online copycat drama involving instagram models & pretty girls in general & lurking at their IG photos and people in the office took it the wrong way 🤣
I mean if I were actually lesbian/bi/pan it would be a compliment (idk, sexuality is fluid, i might be in the future 🤷‍♀)

I follow like two ongoing copycat drama online, one of them is pretty much dead at the moment & one's still ongoing (None of them are named Isyana or Irina btw). It gives off the same kind of excitement as when I copied a bunch of artists in deviantArt back in the mid-2000s, all that leveling up & one-upping. Whew.

March 10 2019

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Wefie copycat scene
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March 08 2019


February 17 2019

Accurate af, stabbed me in the childhood.
Anyone knows what article this Q&A is from?

February 09 2019

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Stage performance copycat scene. In both panels they're painting/drawing before singing a made-up song on the spot.

Are you #TeamUkulele or #TeamKeyboard?

February 05 2019

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le FINALLY. MuffinEmonoka x K0ib0x and Arcadra x Beruberuv fireplace copycat scene. Been wanting to draw this but im undecided on what the theme should be, and hearing from Arcadra that Beruberuv had a recent anxiety attack and he felt sad that he wasn't there beside her to calm her down, I had a fireplace scenery in my head.

May 31 2018

BPD vs NPD copycats

While reading articles about copycats & copying which lead to a psychology forum, I came across a few forums discussing how people with borderline & narcissistic personality disorders copy, but for different motives/reasons. They say BPDs mirror others to fill their lack of self or for fear of abandonment, and NPDs copy to outdo people they envy, and be "the best" again.

And of course this is only one type of BPD, not every BPD people are like this. A lot of narcissists I've met however, are kinda like this. But still, correct me if i'm wrong.

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December 03 2017

Classroom Mentos copycat scene. Either based on one of my childhood comics or irl childhood experience, i forgot.  
Done in Sketchbook Pro

July 17 2017

On Copying: The Internet vs Companies

Back when I started deviantART i learnt you’re not supposed to copy (let alone trace) artworks, which is true, and an important lesson. And god forbid you forget to credit the original artists without getting bashed online.
It was until I got employed that I realized people in the workplace don’t even care whether their employees copied or not, as long as what they make sells. These people care less about intended similarities between works than people on the internet.

Moral of the story: plagiarism is a big no-no, but copying? most companies won’t care as much as an average artist on the internet will. Elaborate internet hate is real.
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March 18 2015

Ruby the Copycat - Emerald the Envy
HELP D: I took something out of a children's book and made something screwed up & twisted out of it

A small random thought that came up when I just discovered Ruby The Copycat in 2013 went like, what if just as Ruby stopped copying for the sake of friendship, she's haunted by this invisible desire to keep on copying Angela and her other friends? It's gonna consume her & slowly corrupt her and stuff and it's pretty scary, cuz to me it's relatable.

What if this envious entity is named Emerald since it's green?

Lol "fuse with me" and gem names, that is so Steven Universe

Ruby the Copycat (c) Peggy Rathmann

March 14 2015

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This was WEEKS ago, when I told Tina about the coincidence on the starsigns of most of the people whom I either envy or copied (or both), and the temporary copycat comrades I had.

Besides Libras I think I envied/copied a few Leos too, while some Leos were my copycat comrades for a certain period of time. I guess to me, Leo swings both ways.
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January 23 2015






These cats live in our office, this is where they sleep

Have you considered only one cat sleeps there, and the rest are……



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