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November 08 2014


October 18 2014

In Impro, Keith Johnstone writes that when improvisers try to be original, they fail. “Don’t be original; be obvious.” When you state the obvious, you actually seem original. Paradoxical, eh? Likewise, the more specific the feelings, experiences, stories – the more universal they appear. The trick is, what’s completely obvious to you isn’t obvious to anyone else. Many people can tell exactly the same story about exactly the same event, but if each speaks from their authentic point of view, each story will seem “original.”
— Nina Paley, “The Cult of Originality” (via Austin Kleon)

September 26 2014

Forming Complete Sentences Is Hard
Whether trying to explain something verbally to a group of people, trying to make a speech in a presentation, confessing your feelings for someone, trying to apologize, etc. you're always gonna pass through this awkward period of buffering for words and trying to arrange them in order. And it's usually done LESS THAN AN INSTANT when the situation calls for you to speak in an instant. And flawlessly.

Debaters and stand-up comedians have talent. That is all.
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May 04 2014



I know it’s trendy to fight the system and cry that we are all becoming slaves of technology, but this attitude overlooks that computers and phones are tools for communicating. When someone thinks I’m an idiot smiling at a machine, I’m actually smiling at my girlfriend who is 10000 miles away and whom I would have never met if not for these newfangled electronics. As they say: when the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while now; much credit to this excellent post for bringing it to the front of my brain.

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January 10 2014

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▶ Can Plants Think? - ASAPscience
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November 15 2013

via Cyanide & Happiness #3297 - Explosm.net
reminds me of The Oatmeal's evolution of communication comic though
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November 05 2011


September 23 2011

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