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November 10 2014

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Outfits from my old R&M and MRMF comics.
I highly question my early 2000's fashion sense. They look ridiculous as hell... enough to have a fashion show just for them.

The last three are ok though, they've begin to normalize once I get into pop-punk music & bands and less 90's anime.

June 27 2013

young people brought together through the power of comics!
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November 22 2012


[Comics] Tough Times

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August 09 2012

May 14 2012




An orgy of the all things awesome in the world. And i mean ALL things awesome.

 Submitted by vain-obligations

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February 29 2012

what if barbara ketch had become ghost rider HAD BOOBS?
(source: Zeekayart)
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October 17 2011


September 14 2011

anime and manga summaries for people who don’t know what they are about
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August 22 2011

Copycontinuations of friends' comics in deviantArt

Iunno, for some reason I liked doing this back in the past. Probably because I suddenly had ideas of what will happen next after the events.

My continuation: Deja Vu much, Frank?

My continuation: Plushie Equals VooDoo Weird

Damn, I screwed up & seemed to make everything lamer... well if not at Count's comic, at least at Putri's comic.

May 29 2011

Well... that's pretty much deviantART summed up.
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March 25 2011



Stare Dad knows how to do one thing, and one thing only. But he does it better than anyone.





















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