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June 23 2015

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this was at an actual coffee shop


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December 15 2014


I want to open a really angry coffee shop called “I’m Not a Morning Person” and name all the drinks really angrily

like “can I get a Fuck You” or a “I’m Studying for Finals” or “My In-Laws are in Town”

and they all have shots of tequila in them

who wants to be my business partner

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August 26 2014

it’s time for leo dicaprio to give up on his acting career and open a coffee shop called Leonardo DiCappuccino 
rabioheab (via wastexofxspace)
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April 30 2014

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Coffee Shop Love: Nigahiga ft Golden

BEAUTIFUL. & as usual Ryan Higa's off-puns make everythiing a lot more hilarious. And coffee IS a drug. Well, caffeine to be more specific.

April 12 2014

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This guy was the leader of the improv comedy group I was in

who the fuck carries fake blood everywhere

leaders of improv comedy groups obviosuly

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July 02 2012

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Here's the 2 kinds of Cuppa Coffee in case anyone gets confused

February 12 2011


February 07 2011

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