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October 17 2014


February 18 2014

  • fall out boy fandom: hey panic fans what up
  • panic! at the disco fandom: oh not much just the usual
  • *rumbling in the distance*
  • fall out boy fandom: wait-
  • panic! at the disco fandom: what's that?
  • 21p fans: hang on a second
  • hardcore bandoms in the distance: hey guys do you hear that too?
  • paramore fans: oh no
  • cobra starship fandom: it can't be
  • mcrmy: *screaming*
  • mcrmy: FAKE
  • mcrmy: YOUR
  • mcrmy: DEAAAAATHHH

    November 15 2013


    August 20 2012

    Pic (c) Ryland Blackinton
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    August 11 2012

    3321 d559 500
    My current motivation song. And lol Envy Cake gets flashmobbed by its siblings & Cangkir's the choreographer
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    May 20 2012


    March 19 2012

    Cobra Starship help us break up with your boyfriend

    August 20 2011

    Cobra Starship ft. Sabi: You Make Me Feel... [Official Music Video]
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