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October 06 2014

Drama Teacher: Class, this week we're taking on Greek Mytho-
Me: *grabs wax wings outta nowhere* MY BODY IS READY
Science teacher: Can anyone tell me what is the temperature in the Sun?
Me: *grabs wax wings outta nowhere* Be right back
Me: *le drowning*
Swimming coach: Wax wings melt in the sun you dead fish
Me: *sings My Chemical Romance's "This Is How I Disappear"*

March 02 2014

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Tina and I discussing if Gakuen OnePiece happens, what subjects are they gonna take

December 07 2011

"Durrr no one can die when two smexy countries are invading each other IM POSITIVE"
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November 07 2011


April 28 2011

March 18 2011

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