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January 27 2015

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Foul Out Boy

For my friend’s birthday. Why did she want a punk rock band drawn as chickens? because I have some weird friends

(most of them are hens but after that nickelodeon show that featured a male cow with functional udders, I tend not to question the gender identity of anthromorphic farm animals too much)

March 25 2014






i just hid 27 of these little bastards around the house


and im waiting for my parents reaction

the first chicken has been found

“amiee we think you have a problem” my parents say as they hold 15 tiny chickens in their hands

1000 notes because i terrorized my family with small chickens

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September 18 2011

Dream 21-10-2014

Not sure whether this is a vision of the future or a present time on an alternate universe. But I was still staying at my grandparents' house in Jakarta, and my brother came to visit for a couple of days before he needs to go back to Jogja. As the days go by we were both too busy online and havent communicated much.
Due to this, our grandparents decided to take us on a roadtrip to live in a kampungside area for a couple of days.

Somehow I was transported to a white concrete home and suddenly I was with my mom and sisters (completely abandoning the family in Jakarta). The place was a mess due to too much babies and screaming children, and I asked my mom about the family line of my siblings' friends. They seemed to be getting two more new baby siblings [while in real life they're currently 3 and a baby bump in the way]. The two new siblings were seen fighting at the back trying to do their homework but they dont know how, so I stepped in and tried helping them (Im not sure why babies even need homework, they dont even go to school)

Suddenly I was back at the kampungside house in Jakarta, and my grandparents, my brother and some other folks were having lunch at a long wooden bench. Suddenly a few of the chickens escaped. I went to go get them but they all attacked me and one rooster pierced through my right flip-flop. In this state my anger levels rose like a bitch and I strangled the cock, eventually snapping his neck in half and ripped him into pieces. Literally. Then I did the same thing to a few hens who tried attacking me.
After that I collected the chicken bits and served them to the guys at the table, telling them to grill these & we could have a barbecue. They say the chickens belong to someone whom they all know well, that lives in a tiny shack shop just next to the wooden cabin my grandparents lived in. I got scared of the thought of being busted by them for killing their chickens, but one guy said the owner had too many chickens anyway, as she's selling them, so all I got to do was pay her next time but I got to keep the chickens and roast them.

And then I was back in Bintaro again with my grandparents & brother, and we got to spend some quality time together, laughing at internet videos and discussing political ideologies as usual. Eventually we passed the afternoon and it's nearing night so I closed the door shut and I noticed my mom's bag was there in the living room. I asked the maid if she came all the way to Brunei to visit, and the maid said yes cuz tomorrow she had to send my brother off to Jogja and return to Brunei afterwards. I was kinda sad that everything had gone so fast so I tried drowning the sorrow by browsing google for Angela Anaconda pictures (srsly WHY) and there's surprisingly a buttload of cosplay photos and Angela Anaconda/Harry Potter crossovers... there is one cosplay photo, however, of two cosplayers wearing Angela Anaconda & Nanette Manoir wigs & Hogwarts uniforms & Gryffindor & Slytherin ties (probably as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy). The one cosplaying Angela/Harry has a Sherlock scarf on though, so, three crossovers. One person as Angela/Harry/Sherlock & the other as Nanette/Draco/Moriarty.

February 26 2011

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