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May 06 2015

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In the wake of Tina getting her Markiplier x Kill La Kill fanart reblogged and liked by the people of Tumblr, turns out my fanart of the Strokes as cats got reblogged and liked by Tumblrites too, eventually surpassing the number of notes that Tina's fanart got.

April 27 2015

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I found out from my dad that the word "cangkir" (Indonesian for "cup) is Javanese in origin, and it's actually a short form of something that explains everything.
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I showed Tina the Mr Brown Macadamia Nut coffee tin and she wanted to drink it, a few days later she found it & enjoyed it

April 26 2015

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Tina was so happy her Markiplier x Kill La Kill crossover fanart got skyrocketing notes (over 200 currently) on Tumblr, and quite a lot of faves on deviantART. This was a first for her.

April 20 2015

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Sunday evening, when Tina and I doodled stuff.

Eventually we made a commercial slogan out of a typo and sang yet another parody of Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together", typical us when we chat.

April 10 2015

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more language exchange sessions with Tina. we covered topics regarding bats, necklaces, teacups & socks

here’s a screenshot earlier of Tina trying google translate, translating a Malay song title into English

April 09 2015

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Tina and I (well mostly me) talking about a possible theory how Julian Casablancas got his name

also it's April 9th, Gerard Way & Albert Hammond Jr's birthdays.

April 06 2015

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my parents were shopping for drinking glasses in the kitchen utensils section and the tv was playing an ad for JangMi Kal a.k.a. the rose knife a.k.a. the most powerful weapon on earth. Tina & I continued to joke about it cuz I was feeling extra silly and her fever was getting better.

April 03 2015

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Thanks to this art museum Kamila and her friends went to, now we thought up of using the word 'contemporary' as an insult XD and I'm pretty sure hipsters would use it.

April 01 2015

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Tina just told me she had Viber last night... and since theres this doodle feature just like Rocketalk, we DOODLED ALL NIGHT :B

posted the separate doodles on tumblr

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Tina had a dream where her, Ili & Bryan went to a con & it ended up with Ili pulling her arm off like a mannequin before she woke up

March 30 2015

late night random thoughts again with Tina
I hope Pewds sees my tweet

March 27 2015

I doodled Cheezy Tina-puffs out of the blue & showed Tina on Whatsapp n she came up with all these flavors and now I wish this snack really exists.

March 25 2015


March 22 2015

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Daniel and I was just talking about our other friend who recently took up gardening & grew her own vegetables and spices. Suddenly we're derping on The Lonely Island songs
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more language exchange with Tina~
and here's the thing with hippos and rhinos: Malays call them badak sumbu & badak air respectively; Indonesians only call rhinos badak and we call hippos kuda nil, literally meaning Nile horse. And there's the random plotline for a children's storybook about a hippo named Nile who wants to be a horse XD
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reading Wonder FAQs on RJ Palacio's website for more extra facts that I didnt understand from the book. Suddenly we're talking about obsessions (cuz the book has a lot of pop culture reference, most which I get) and how easily children can be obsessed with things compared to adults.

Also I made Wonder-esque profile pictures for both of us heehee

March 19 2015

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Kamila & I discussing about bubble tea & the price difference between mall vendors and street vendors.

She said there are bubble tea with chocolate & cheese toppings, made out of Pop Ice, and we talked about the price differences, and then I talked about the dangers of buying food from random hawker stalls, and how the people of Geneva arent into bubble tea that much but lately more & more bubble tea stalls have opened there.
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just found out that Shingaling!, an additional chapter with Charlotte Cody's point of view is gonna be out on May. And I'm just here thinking that maybe Palacio's imagination gets carried away overtime & she decides to write more events & short epilogues revolving Wonder since she never wanted a sequel.
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