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March 26 2014

So I found this on the front page of ChaCha and Homework Hero reminded me of the dream I had last year, precisely in February.
It was mostly about Adventure TIme, but the first part of the dream was about Spring.me and Ask.fm, and how they suddenly have this feature for teaching kids (who dont wanna go to school or are homeschooled) by giving them quizzes which might be taught in school.

I bet Homework Hero is different, maybe it provides answers to typical school questions probably. But in a way it's ironic how these Q'n A apps (in my mind and in here) have something to do with homework & studies, but instead of Ask.fm or Spring.me, it's Chacha.

June 09 2012

Akazukin ChaCha creditless opening. I SWEAR I remember the singer was a guy back then! What happened to him & why did he get replaced by this girl?

November 12 2011

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