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July 06 2014

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Reblog the fuck out of this please

(Reblog or you are died to me)

No brony should scroll past this.

no brony? no one who has a brother should pass this, or sister or younger cousin, or a child, or fucking god child. NO ONE SHOULD PASS THIS. My brother watches my little pony, my lil amazing principles honor roll, first younger 8 year old brother watches fucking my little fucking pony.

 He tried to hide it from me and my mom and my step dad. i saw him watching it and i sat down with him and he was singing the fucking song. and i sung it with him and he noticed me and started looking guilty, i told him watch whatever you want. its for kids mathias. he said i thought it was just for girls and i said people said playing video games and comics were for boys but here i am with a batman comic in my drawer and god of war on my dresser. he said dont tell t (our step dad) and i said mathias its just a show.  he said i but i dont want him to know, he’ll think im gay. and i said mathias just because you like a show that seems more for girls doesnt mean youre going to be gay and plus youre 8 dont think about that and he said what am i then if he finds out and i said theres a lot of guys who like my little pony and theyre called bronies.

 do you know how happy he was to know there are other guys who like that show? THAT SHOULDNT BE A RELIEF FOR A FUCKING 8 YEAR OLD. HE SHOULDNT BE TOLD THAT ITS NORMAL TO LIKE A KIDS SHOW. BUT you know what its not his fault, or the bullies he may encounter, its noT EVEN the sCHOOLS FAULT. its the FUCKING PARENTS.

teach youre fucking kid to stop judging before they do something that may cause something as serious as attempt fucking suicide. remember it wont be their fault, it’ll be fucking yours for not teaching them to be open-FUCKING-minded. 

Im a 14year old boy and I still love my little pony

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