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October 20 2013

17h Ada yg bikin komik pengalaman nonton film Manusia Setengah Salmon:
Artist still has yet to be credited

June 30 2013




This comic is about how there are two sides to every story.


Shame that people do wrong stuff and offend people without knowing they actually do. It sucks that they cant see their own mistakes sometimes.

(via timidkoala)

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June 27 2013

MCR: Don't tell me this is some kind of prank
As much as this might NOT be true, what if it is. Go ahead, ask me "are you satan?" or something.
I just can't help but feel as if Frank and the Way brothers are messing with our minds for not talking to each other. Then again it's probably just on Twitter. And I guess they've been way too busy. The four of them probably still text each other though *tries to think happy thoughts*

I must've watched too much Regular Show in one day. Come on, Cartoon Network was having a Regular Show marathon.

:tombstone: My Chemical Romance (c) themselves
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April 13 2013

7173 9ba3
Taylor Swift: A Love Story
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