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September 07 2011


I'M NOT AF- nevermind.




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O hai there lady you got blood on your face

"...sorry what?"

[ Scary Korean Comic ]

September 06 2011

I'm sure most of you guys had the same reaction as this girl

September 04 2011



Source link: http://pyrogoth.tumblr.com/post/9288777984/korean-comic-translation

The comic:


Translation courtesy of Anonymous, at http://archive.easymodo.net/jp/thread/7778319
2011 Mystery Short
Bongcheondong’s Ghost
Written and drawn by HoRang

This story is an edited version of the one of many local legends.
(scene where you see the MC’s back, where she’s walking down the side walk)
It was around 11:20 in the night.
After my self-study session at the school, I was leading my exhausted self back home.
For some reason, not a single soul was to be seen on my way back that day. I live in a large apartment complex, so there’s usually people around even at night.(scene: profile shot of MC)
Anyways, with a nagging feeling, I was walking while staring at the ground.
I noticed that there was a shadow pointed towards me, even though I was sure that there wasn’t anyone ahead of me,
and I looked up wondering whom it might be…

(scene: lamp post, back of someone is shown)
There was a lady ahead, but her form seemed a bit odd.
She was walking as if she had hurt her legs… Stumbling around.

(scene: portrait shot of MC)
The distance between us quickly shrank as she was walking slowly.
As I got closer, I could see her more clearly.
(scene: back of the stranger in pink PJ)
She was wearing pink PJ… It seemed as if she had broken joints at a few places.
Her hair was incredibly messy, stretching in all directions.

(scene: MC’s feet)
I got a weird feeling, so I stopped walking.
Something told me that I shouldn’t move ahead, and I also didn’t have the courage to walk past her.

(scene: the stranger turns around, oh fffffff)

(scene: MC)
“Scared witless that you can’t even scream”: this saying is very true.
I couldn’t even flinch in shock.

(Red text) Where… is my baby?

(scene: MC swallows from nervousness)
All sorts of thoughts passed through my head…
Haa… I still don’t know why I said that… It scares me to think about it even today.

(scene: MC points with her index finger)
I pointed as far as I could see, and said…
“o-over there.”

The woman stumbled towards that direction… and I couldn’t see her anymore.

(scene: MC turns around)
Worried that I will meet her again, I quickly turned around to get out of the area.
I couldn’t think about anything, but to walk towards somewhere more crowded-
at that moment.

“WHY IS SHE NOT HERE?!!!!!!” (TL: gender unspecified)
(scene: MC looks back)
I could hear her cry of anger.

(scene: ffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK)
…I couldn’t remember anything after that. Apparently a neighbour had discovered my fainted self and carried me back to my house.
Author’s note:
In 2007 at a certain apartment complex in Seoul’s Bongcheondong, a 33 year old female jumped to her death.
The reason for her suicide was the delivery of a stillborn baby, a subsequent divorce with her husband and the loss of her 2 year-old daughter to her husband in a law-suit.

She was rumoured to have been seen walking around in the apartment complex a few times since then.
Her appearance of dislocated joints, broken limbs, blood-stained pajamas at the time of her death has lead to people present at the scene of her death to suffer from nightmare.
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