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March 25 2018

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When u havin a good time but still thinkin about all the shit you’re putting off

Noooo one flex like Gaston
With big pecs like Gaston
No one painfully astral projects like Gaston!

This is my favorite addition to this post

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January 19 2015



reposting because i laughed really hard

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August 21 2014



How come I never caught this.

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June 15 2014


 5 Disney Film Meme: Favorite Scene

Belle drops a truth bomb 

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May 01 2014

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I know the answer, but I can’t stop laughing.

It even rhymes better.

oh NO

Oh, lord


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February 21 2014


'Beauty and the Brat' isn't a good film title.

Right, now to what the title of this journal is actually about. I’ve rekindled my love for our old VhS tapes, and seeing as my bedroom TV is the only one that can play videos anymore, I’m taking advantage of this. Last night I decided to watch Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, because I’ve seriously been craving it for aggggges. It wasn’t ever one of my favourites when I was younger and there were bits that used to scare me, but I can appreciate how beautiful it is now. But that’s not really the point. My point mainly concerns this part, the opening scene and the Beast's backstory.

While watching I started to do some math and realised something that blew my mind. At the beginning when the story of the Enchantress coming and turning the prince into the Beast, it’s said that the rose will wilt in the Beast’s 21st year, and the rose is wilting through the film which puts him at 21. BUT in the song ‘Be Our Guest’ Lumierre says “10 years we’ve been rusting”; the servants having been enchanted at the same time as the prince. This puts the prince’s age when he’s transformed into the Beast at… 11 YEARS OLD.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot today.

Knowing that, it puts the start of that film into a totally different perspective.

Firstly, he was probably just a little kid being a bit bratty. All 11 year old boys are. If we punished all little boys for being rude by turning them into beasts, this whole planet would be overrun. Did the Enchantress not see that he was just a cheeky little boy? Why did she assume that he’s the owner of the castle? In fact, while on this point, where are Beast’s parents? Is he meant to be ruling alone already? Why didn’t she ask to speak to a responsible adult?

Suddenly her turning him into a beast as punishment doesn’t weigh up against what he’s actually done wrong.

Secondly, the Enchantress’ terms are totally unfair. Here’s why –

She tells him real beauty is found within and when he’s still rude tells him that from this she can see no love in his heart. That’s a really heavy thing to tell an 11 year old.

Her spell will be broken when he learns to love and be loved, but surely that’s stacking the odds against him already. 11 year olds, particularly boys, (mostly) have a very simple understanding of what love, most specifically romantic love, is. They aren’t interested in girls yet. She’s telling the Beast to learn to do something that he has very little ground knowledge of. If she wasn’t so easily offended by his rudeness, he’d probably go on to grow up a bit, reach puberty, find out what romantic love is and then fall in love naturally. But she robs him of the chance and skills to do this, by turning him into this thing that isolates him from real people.

It seems to me that she’s setting him a task that she knows he won’t be able to complete. It’s almost like she wants it this way.

And lastly, the prince isn’t ever going to care about a rose, even an enchanted rose. He’d want sweets or a racing car or something.

So, in short; the Enchantress has cast a spell on a little 11 year old boy, for being rude to her ONCE. She’s almost comparable to how Maleficent curses Sleeping Beauty after she’s snubbed an invitation to the baby shower. No wonder the Beast is so damaged to begin with! The seemingly innocent old lady who asks for shelter actually isn’t that innocent. She does a whole lot of damage. In fact, she’s the 1st villain in the film, really. She’s the one who’s cruel. She’s the one who wrecks his formative years and comes away from it without any personal distress whatsoever.

I’d understand her reasoning if the Prince was older at the time; say he was in his early 20s. He would have had chance to experience love, or the lack of it, and any sign of real cruelty in him would be evident by that point. In that case, turning him into a Beast would be more justified. In the original fairy tale there’s no mention of his age, and in later versions the Enchantress only changes him when he spurns her affections as an adult. AN ADULT.



... Either that or I'm seriously overthinking this. Probably the later. 

My mind is blown away by that theory/analysis you came up with, holy crap. Guess I must've missed out that Lumiere said '10 years' in the song and pretty much thought everyone were adults in this film, cuz most of us watched it when we're all very young.

I felt like facepalming. How can an old lady curse a little kid just cuz he was being rude to her once? That's a jerkwad move, and yeah, you have a point when you say she's comparable to Maleficent.

May 10 2013

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Concept Art for Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) back when he was thought to be an aristocrat who was not into hunting at all, although he was a lot into himself as was the final version.

Art by Andreas Deja (Supervising animator for Gaston)

whoa that's a whole lotta transformation
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