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February 05 2019

Cuz im stressed at work so i gotta let out some sweet vibes n i still feel like drawing these two. 
IG: arcadra_ / beruberuv / ronasegar
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ig: ronasegar | beruberuv | arcadra

May 28 2015




this has bothered me since day fucking one

why do Little Bear’s parents wear clothes


when this little shithead is walking around BUTT NEKKID


hes rebelling

it’s a phase

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October 01 2014

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 ”Luke Chueh (born March 7, 1973) is a painter and graphic designer active in the artist community in Los Angeles. Originally from Philadelphia, he grew up in the Central California agricultural community of Fresno, California. 

In his recent work, he has designed the album artwork for Fall Out Boy’s album Folie a Deux (2008).

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January 14 2013


Bears Venn diagram by Stephen Wildish

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November 22 2012


October 05 2012

Dem bears high as fuck. Dancing like Bollywood movies and shit.
Tags: gif bears
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May 26 2012

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January 06 2012


October 21 2011


September 17 2011

The last bits of the dream was about me racing with a bunch of friends and strangers, and we're in a game made by Line, called Line Race Bears or something. Each time someone surpasses someone the bears' avatars grow greener, and the last place in the race has a pale white/transparent bear while the one that's in the lead has the greenest bear. also, i think the disqualified bear gets burnt black (with purplish outline).

At the end of the race we're at a hotel lobby, and someone else won. I didnt win, and neither did any of my friends. The jury, who just happens to be a businesswoman wearing office clothes (blazer n all) congratulated the winner n celebrates with all of us. Here comes the strange bit. She told me that i suddenly can ask any of my friends in the lowest rank to chip in so i can make my bear avatar greener. Bears can absorb green-ness after the race is done. Idk why.
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